9 Summertime Fun Family Activities

9 Summertime Fun Family Activities


When summer comes and your children are on summer vacation and there is no school/kindergarten to keep them busy and entertained, you are then faced with a somewhat good and a bad thing at once. It is good because you then have some extra time to spend with your children, bond and get to know them a little better, but it is not always so easy, as children need to be active to remain interested. That is why we have comprised a list of summertime fun activities for the whole family!

1. Go On A Picnic

Picnics are always fun and it is a great way for a family to bond. You can go to a peaceful but fun place, where there either aren’t many people or other families are picnicking as well. You can barbecue, play cards, chase each other, talk, play social games or football and eat what you prepare together.

2. Go On A Family Bike Ride

Bike riding is a great activity, and besides keeping your body active, it also helps you relax your mind and have a great time while passing through interesting places, seeing landscapes or exploring streets you haven’t seen before. Going on a bike ride with your family is even more fun. You can talk while riding, make stops, and talk about what you saw and where you want to go next. This is one of the best family activities reserved for summer.

3. Go Swimming

Summers can get pretty hot and swimming is great for so many reasons, first of all it helps you and your family cool down. Besides, swimming is very fun and children as well as adults usually love it. Your children will enjoy themselves so much that they won’t want to get out of the water.

4. Have A Water Gun War


When things become boring, there is nothing more surprising and fun than turning up with a water gun and chasing your family members. Just make sure they get their weapons too so you can all play. This is a good way to cool down and you will love being a kid again, while your children will adore you for it.

5. Go Out For Ice Cream

Ice cream is everyone’s favorite summertime treat, but it is not all about the ice cream. It is also about the road there, talking and maybe even singing with your family, spending quality time together.

6. Make A Fort

Children just love forts, but they are not the only ones. There is simply something about a small space that is interesting and intriguing and a perfect place for playing. Your fort can be inside or outside; you don’t even need some particular materials except some firm objects, such as chairs and a blanket to cover them.

7. Make A Birdhouse

This is a relatively complicated project and parents usually end up doing all the work, but the most important thing is that the children feel like they have participated. It will give them a sense of accomplishment and they will have fun in the process. Making a birdhouse is both fun and useful, because you would really be building a home for these cute winged creatures. Then you can place it in your yard and watch the birds come and go while sipping your evening hot cocoa on the terrace. Doesn’t it sound wonderful?

8. Host A Slumber Party

Your children probably have lots of friends and they have been begging you for a slumber party. Hosting a slumber party would allow you to monitor them, but the kids would have lots of fun and would probably be grateful you made an effort to organize something fun for them. Slumber parties are a great way for children to connect and get to know each other better, which usually leads to stronger friendships that can last a lifetime.

9. Visit The Zoo

Trips to the zoo are always fun, for children and adults alike. Seeing all the wild animals you can only see at the zoo is a unique experience – especially when you have the opportunity to approach the animal and see it up close. These are some activities that will be long remembered and appreciated by your kids.