10 American Cities with the Best Nightlife 

10 American Cities with the Best Nightlife 


Nightlife is one of the most important aspects when considering the value of visiting a city – or even moving to a certain city. None of them lack attractions, natural beauty and exciting activities but which of the cities in the US provide the best nightlife? With bustling clubs and vibrant nightclubs, these American cities have the best nightlife.


1. New Orleans

How can the city which is practically the capital of music in America be left out of a list like this. The cradle of jazz and blues, New Orleans still has a lost to offer when it comes the music scene. Mardi Gras is, naturally, the main reason for party animals to visit the city. However, even if you come any other day, you are guaranteed to have a great time.

Bourbon Street is something you absolutely can’t miss if you’re ever in New Orleans and ready for a night about town. The beauty of Bourbon Street is that you never know what you can expect – countless bars, young wild people, beautiful girls and lots of alcohol. If that sounds like fun to you, make sure you bring enough money, because you are bound to spend every last cent here.

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