10 Best Cities to Develop a Small Business

10 Best Cities to Develop a Small Business


America has gone through some major revolutions and improvements, and there have been some great periods of innovation which have caused the economy and society to further grow and develop.  However, innovation isn’t easy and entrepreneurship goes hand in hand with hardship and challenges.

But the people’s motivation goes far beyond the perception of hardship, and according to Wallet Hub 15 to 53 million Americans are now their own bosses. To become a successful entrepreneur and develop a sustainable small business, you need to know where to look and where to start a business, as you can’t be equally successful in two different places. So, in order to help soon-to-be entrepreneurs, we have made a list of the 10 best U.S. cities for developing a successful small business.


10. San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio was among the ten best cities for developing a small business, but in 2014 it fell out of the list. However, this year the city is back on track and it is once again one of the best if you want to develop a successful business. The reason it returned to the list is mostly the fact that the city developed strong zoning and land-use regulations.

Moreover, in the last year, San Antonio has established great training and networking programs for young or aspiring entrepreneurs, which is considered very helpful on the way to business prosperity. San Antonio still needs a lot of work when it comes to creating a better hiring system, as it ranks very low for ease of hiring. Once that changes, businesses will be able to prosper more easily, and the city’s economy will improve as well.

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