10 Biggest Beer Loving Nations in the World

10 Biggest Beer Loving Nations in the World


Beer has always been, is and will be one of the most popular and consumed beverages in the world and you can be sure that people will continue producing, selling and drinking it no matter the severity of recession, or the rates of unemployment.

Here are the biggest beer loving nations in the world.

1. Czech Republic

According to statistics from Ranker, Czech Republic is at the top of the list of the countries with the highest beer consumption. It is a well known fact that people there usually drink more beer than water, and it is actually cheaper to drink. Czech Republic has several producers of beer and the first thing people from all around the world who come there do is try as many kinds as they can.

The yearly total consumption of beer per person is 158.6 liters on average.

2. Ireland

Irish people are famous for their fun characters and their ability to always have fun. They also like beer very much, which is obvious if you look at the statistics – a person averagely drinks 131.1 liters of beer per year. This is a little less than the amount drank in Czech Republic, but you have to agree it’s a lot of beer. The Irish also have some good beer brands that are exported all over the world, including the famous Guinness.

3. Germany

Nothing goes better with German pettitoes than bear, and this is the combination you mustn’t miss when in Germany. When you go to Oktoberfest in Munich, you can try to have beers from as many breweries as possible, but don’t expect to try them all because there are around 1,300 breweries in Germany, and an average person drinks around 110 liters of this liquid per year.

4. Austria


Slightly behind Germany when it comes to beer consumption – Austrians drink 108.3 liters per year. There are many breweries in Austria and the Austrians claim that their beer is better than the German ones. Be sure to try Stiegl and Ottakringer and decide for yourself if Austrian beers are really that good.

5. Australia

This tropical country especially nourishes the custom of drinking cold beer. Australians actually drink a lot of beer – so much that they are close to Austria. With a total consumption of 104.7 liters per person a year, they can be said to be among the biggest beer lovers.

6. United Kingdom

When on vacation, you can see the British drinking lots of beer, but they do that in their own country as well. On average, a person drinks 99 liters per year. There are over 700 breweries in the U.K., Hook Norton Brewery being one of the last surviving Victorian ones.

7. Poland

Polish beers are renowned for their excellent quality and taste. That is probably why they drink so much of it. In one year, an average resident drinks around 95 liters. The most famous beers are Żywiec, Okocim and Tyskie, but local small breweries have also become appreciated and visited.

8. Denmark

In Denmark, one person averagely drinks 89.9 liters of beer in a year. You have probably heard of, or even tried, Carlsberg and Tuborg, but you probably weren’t aware that these popular beers were brewed in Denmark. However, even small regional breweries managed to survive, and you can try and enjoy in several brands of great beer.

9. Finland

In Finland, people drink around 85 liters of beer per year. This is not so much when compared with Czech Republic, but you can’t deny that they are real beer lovers. Their beers, like Kukko and Olvi, are exported all over the world so next time you want to quench your thirst, why not try an original Finnish beer.

10. Luxembourg

Drinking only 0.6 liters per year less than the Finnish (84.6 liters), Luxembourgers are among the biggest beer loving people in the world. They don’t have great brewing skills, so they mostly import their beer from Germany and Belgium. However, the bars in Luxembourg are well equipped with a beer-lover’s weapon of choice and the great atmosphere is also bound to enhance your beer drinking experience.