10 European Countries with the Worst Youth Employment Prospects

10 European Countries with the Worst Youth Employment Prospects


Unemployment among youths has become one of the worst problems in Europe and this is one problem that could only get worse in the future.

Youths, people between 16 and 25, are struggling to find work after they finish their education. The numbers are alarming, with youth unemployment rates often going above 30%. This means that more than one third of young people who are actively seeking a job can’t find one, and it is a sign of a not so bright future ahead of Europe.


10. Portugal – 31.8%

Even though the situation in Portugal has got slightly better in the last couple of years, the unemployment rates among youths are still a serious issue. While people all around the country are either losing their jobs or being forced to work more hours for same wages, young people are facing something even more frustrating, they can’t seem to even get a job.

More than one third of youths is now protesting due to this terrible situation and are threatening to leave the country if something doesn’t change soon. The main problem is that Portugal is producing young professionals fresh out of college who can’t put their knowledge and skills to use in any way.

This is why Portugal is facing major brain drain which means that young people are forced to leave the country and seek employment somewhere abroad. As one Portuguese journalist said: “It’s not wanting to work outside Portugal; it’s needing to work outside Portugal.

They are moving away not to earn incredible amounts of money, but to have a normal life; something their own country cannot provide for them. Even with jobs, they would have to live on minimal salaries and struggle to start their own families. And while finding work outside of their country isn’t so easy either, they see it as their only option.

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