10 Haunted Hotels Still Open to the Public

10 Haunted Hotels Still Open to the Public


Whether you believe in ghosts and paranormal activity or not, we dare you to book a room in one of these spooky haunted hotels. In most cases, these places are said to have witnessed deaths in some of their rooms which makes the deceased roam through the hallways and scare the guests. These are the 10 of the scariest haunted hotels.


1. The Russell Hotel, Australia

The Russell Hotel is one of the oldest buildings in beautiful Sydney and it boasts of a great location in The Rocks district, overlooking the Sydney Opera House. Still, many visitors that come to this hotel do so for the sole reason of seeing for themselves if the stories are true. Namely, this hotel is repeatedly featured on the lists of the most haunted places in Australia.

Being so close to the sea, The Russell Hotel used to be sailors’ favorite place to rest and which would explain why the room 8 is said to be haunted by a ghost of an old sailor from the Colonial period. According to the guests who dared to stay in this eerie room, they would wake up to realize the ghost of a sailor was standing at the end of their bed and staring directly at them.

At other times, he was seen wandering through the corridors before he disappeared. Other guests have complained about the creaky noises as if someone was walking on the floorboards but when the staff went to investigate, they so no-one there and no valid explanation for the noise. But the hotel is not hiding its spooky reputation, they even offer ghost tours for those that wish to find out more about it.

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