10 U.S. Cities that Have the Best Transportation Systems

10 U.S. Cities that Have the Best Transportation Systems


Having good public transportation options is one of the most important aspects when considering moving to another city. It is crucial for your money and time saving and overall life satisfaction.

According to the rankings from 2015, the situation with public transportation in the U.S. isn’t particularly good since all but the top five cities have less than satisfactory Transit Score. Transit Score ranks the public transportation according to frequency, distance between stops and type of route and it grades the cities on a 100-point grid.

Here are the 10 U.S. cities with the highest Transit Scores.


10. Seattle – 57

With a developed bus, light rail and water transportation, Seattle just about made the cut for this top 10. When it comes to land transportation, Seattle has two public transportation agencies that cover the whole Central Puget Sound Area as well as bus lines to Downtown Seattle and the University of Washington.

The light rail system extends from Downtown Seattle to Sea-Tac airport and there are plans for its expansion. The city is currently expanding its streetcar network, and Seattle’s ferry system is still very important for the city and it’s the largest ferry system in the world.

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