10 Worst Cities for Springtime Allergies 

10 Worst Cities for Springtime Allergies 


The allergies season is once again upon us and while the rest of the world is looking forward to spring, warm weather and flowers in full bloom, people with allergies are dreading it and preparing stocks of anti-allergy medications. The main cause of the springtime allergies is pollen which is released into the air by all sorts of plants and there is really no good way of escaping it unless you’re going to spend the whole spring indoors.

Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA) has released their annual list of Spring Allergy Capitals for 2016, which are basically the worst places to be at if you’re suffering from springtime allergies.


10. Buffalo, New York

By far the most alarming jump on the list had Buffalo which ascended from the 36th position straight to the top 10. This allergy season may be especially unpleasant to those struggling with pollen, according to the experts, since the numbers are not looking good at all and Buffalo’s total score is 79.31.

Pollen count has increased immensely compared to the previous years, which is why the use of allergy medication is also much higher than the average and definitely higher than it used to be. The number of physicians specialized in allergies is around the average but the number will obviously have to rise due to the apparent change in the allergen levels.

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