12 Most Family-Friendly U.S. Cities

12 Most Family-Friendly U.S. Cities


When you have a family, you always have to think about the safety of your children, as well as their entertainment and schooling opportunities. Whether you are looking for a place to spend your summer vacation or you are thinking about moving to another city, you need to know where your children will be able to live a normal life, have fun and not be threatened by violence.

There are many family-friendly cities in the U.S. but here are the 12 most friendly ones, with consideration to crime rates, costs of living and housing, and the quality of education.


1. Boston, MA

Boston is a large city but it has the qualities of a suburban area. There are a number of good schools to help your children become educated and well mannered people, and good employment opportunities for adults.

This city actually has among the lowest unemployment rates in the U.S. which also means that poverty is not such a big problem. Also, as crime usually results from high unemployment rates and poverty, this city doesn’t have to deal with high crime rates.

If you’re craving for some culture, you can experience it throughout the city, but you can also visit the Harvard Museum of Natural History where you can see a vast collection gathered from various other Harvard museums. There, you will be able to see dinosaur fossils, gemstones and chunks of meteorites, while the museum staff talks about the specimens. Street art can be found all around the city, and taking a stroll through Boston is a joy and privilege.

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