12 Year Old Trips and Punches a Hole in a $1.5M Painting...

12 Year Old Trips and Punches a Hole in a $1.5M Painting in Taipei



A 12-year old had a really bad day during the weekend when he tripped and damaged a 350-year old painting worth $1.5 million USD.

The masterpiece in question is Still Life of Flowers made by the Italian artist Paolo Porpora in the 17th century. The painting has been valued at around $1.5 million USD and is a part of an ongoing exhibit in Taipei which is showcasing art painted or influenced by Leonardo da Vinci.

The exhibit organizer said to the press – “It was such a weird accident, the boy was listening to the guide and he wasn’t really looking where he was going, so he tripped and punched a hole in the painting.”


So how do you pay for repairs when the painting is worth $1.5 million USD?

Sun, the exhibit organizer, said it was an honest mistake and the boy and his parents have expressed their sincere regret and they won’t be facing any fines. And the fact that all the paintings are insured doesn’t hurt.

We had an Italian appraiser on our staff and immediately contacted the collector,” said Sun and added, “We decided to repair the artwork on site and it’s already back on display.”

The $1.5-million USD masterpiece, Still Life of Flowers, was quickly repaired and is back on display after a 12-year old tripped and damaged the canvas.

The security video published by the exhibit organizers shows the young boy holding a drink and walking while looking at the tour guide. At one moment he trips, loses balance, and lands his right hand on Paolo Porpora’s masterpiece, punching a hole in it.