15 Most Brilliant College Towns in the U.S.

15 Most Brilliant College Towns in the U.S.


When choosing a college to go to, its academic standard is the most important factor. However, the college’s location is almost equally important, as well as the quality of life in the town the college is located in and professional opportunities after the education is completed.  The town you chose to go to college in has to provide affordable housing and numerous cultural offerings for students to enjoy in. College years are not just about academic education, it’s also about valuable experiences, social life, employment options, and the following towns are brilliant for providing all these factors and making college experience that much more important and interesting.


1. Oxford, Mississippi

Oxford, Mississippi was named after the British city of Oxford, one of the best college towns worldwide. The American Oxford actually attracted that success, whether thanks to the name or the great quality of education and livability. This Oxford became one of the best college towns in the nation and it’s also one of the most charming small towns in the U.S.

University of Mississippi located in this town is a place where tens of thousands of students choose to get their education, but besides the high academic level of this institution, what students enjoy are the great nightlife as well as many cultural events featuring some of the most famous artists. This town also has an amazing music scene, mostly thanks to its proximity to large cities such as Memphis.

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