15 Most Polluted American Cities

15 Most Polluted American Cities


Being one of the greatest industrial forces in the world has its consequences. Numerous American cities and their inhabitants suffer greatly because of the pollution.Life expectancy is lower in these cities and the population has higher levels of asthma cases, pulmonary and cardiovascular diseases. Here are the 15 most polluted American Cities.


15. Phoenix

Even though Phoenix has dropped many places on our list in the recent few years, its citizens are still struggling with the consequences of industrialism. Some ten years ago, the Brown Cloud was a cause for alarm in the place that had once been known as The Valley of the Sun.

But with the pollution came problems like asthma, bronchitis, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. The Cloud, filled with particles of carbon and nitrogen dioxide, was created by power plants, cars, lawn mowers, leaf blowers and others that were used daily.

But probably the biggest reasons are the cattle ranches in this city which not only disperse particles all over the metro area of Phoenix, but blow the particles to other cities as well.Recently, the situation with pollution in Phoenix has improved, however this year again, due to the climate and drought Phoenix has made a return to the list of cities with worse air quality.

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