30 Cities with the Highest Number of Homeless People

30 Cities with the Highest Number of Homeless People


Homelessness is a problem not only poor and developing countries face, although they feel it the most. There are over 100 million homeless people all over the world, according to the United Nations Commission on Human Rights estimation.

But how do people end up being homeless? Among other things, factors that lead to this misfortune are job loss, inability to find affordable housing, domestic violence, gambling, alcoholism, drug abuse, and other such problems. Some cities are in more trouble than others, and in some there are extreme levels of poverty with many people left on the streets.

Here are the 30 cities with the highest number of homeless people:

1. Manila, Philippines


The real estate and economic situation in Manila has recently been significantly improving, but the homelessness situation unfortunately hasn’t. Manila is currently the city with the highest number of homeless people in the world, and there are 70,000 homeless children living in the streets.

People in Manila often become homeless due to a combination of several factors, including bad financial situation and unaffordable housing, domestic violence, illness (physical and/or mental) and others. Currently in the capital of the Philippines there is a total of 3.1 million homeless people, many of them unemployed but some still clinging to their jobs somehow.

Unfortunately, the minimum wage is 2.5 times lower than it’s needed for essentials and rent. The government doesn’t want these people on the streets, so they have offered informant settlers ‘relocation to far-flung areas outside Metro Manila’, as Rappler reports. Many of the homeless children were placed in detention centers and tortured (their toilet is a bucket, they eat their food off the floor, their needs are neglected…) even though they did nothing wrong.

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