4 Sparkling Gems of the Azure Coast

4 Sparkling Gems of the Azure Coast


Côte d’Azur, or as it is better known in English – the Azure Coast – is famous for its luxurious seaside resorts, casinos and yachts, as well as for the many billionaires and celebrities who spend their summer vacation here. However, this coastal region of France has a lot more to offer than luxury for high prices.

Read on to discover the magnificence of the Azure Coast and its most amazing cities:


Although Monaco is a place where most billionaires choose to enjoy their free time, this city is a must-visit for everyone. If you like learning about history, you will enjoy hearing about the Grimaldi family which is to be thanked for the fame and brilliance of this city. There is a lot of Italian influence in the city’s architecture, as the Italian border is just minutes away from Monaco.

When you visit this city, don’t miss the Monaco Cathedral, built in 1875 with stones from La Turbie. This cathedral is one of the most beautiful buildings in Monaco, built in Roman-Byzantine style. and you will enjoy and admire the sight of it. Another great place to see is Fort Antoine, a fortress built in the 18th century on the top of Le Rocher, which now functions as an outdoor theater with great performances during summer. The beaches are amazing and the water is, as the name of the region suggests, azure and clear. Parting with this city will be the hardest thing you will have to do in your life.

Saint Tropez


Saint Tropez is the place where elegance and sophistication meet relaxation and pleasure. The landscape you can see here cannot be compared to anything else in the world. The buildings are historical and wonderfully preserved, the wine is like none you’ve ever tried and when you get a little bit tipsy you can relax on the most beautiful beaches you have ever seen.

On top of it all, the turquoise water is like the crown jewel of this city, making it even more beautiful and attractive. The night life is very rich, and if you are in the mood for shopping, there’s no place like Saint Tropez.


Not just the city itself, but the road which will lead you to it is picturesque and amazingly beautiful. This capital of the French Riviera has been an inspiration for many artists with its magnificent morning light and many of them decided to never leave this dreamy city. Although you will enjoy the sky and the water so much that you won’t even want to visit any landmark, there are a lot of interesting attractions to keep you entertained and happy once you decide to visit.

There are 20 museums and many galleries to give you the sense of the magnificent culture and art that prevails in this area. The old city is rich with palaces built in baroque style and embellished by beautiful green gardens. The weather is perfect and there is nothing about this city that would make you want to leave it.


The entire city has a perfect landscape that you could gaze at the entire day without ever getting bored. Cannes has a certain charm that inspires many creative people all around the world to create art. Besides all the luxurious hotels, the film festival, and the rich and famous walking around the streets, you can truly find serenity in Cannes and fill your soul with immense beauty.

When it was first founded in 997, Cannes (Portu Canuae) was a small fishing village until the nineteenth century when it quickly transformed into an aristocratic city. Today, Cannes is the most precious gem of the Azure Coast, which is exactly the reason why people from all parts of the world come to enjoy the heaven-like atmosphere that rules in this city.