4 U.S. Cities Food Tourists Should Visit

4 U.S. Cities Food Tourists Should Visit


Going somewhere on a trip and trying the local food is one of the things most Americans look forward to. However, there are those who travel for the single purpose of tasting good foods and, naturally, they are looking for cities with the best food scenes.

If you are a foodie, read on to find out which U.S. cities have the best food scenes around:

1. New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans is a true paradise for foodies and is maybe best known for its food. This city has many dishes that are famous throughout the entire U.S., including the Creole duck gumbo, beignets, pecan pie, and many other classic Creole and Cajun dishes. There are many food trucks that will give you a casual but amazing meal, but there are also many great restaurants where you can go to a fancy dinner with your loved one.

Once in New Orleans, you simply must try gulf oysters, a legendary dish that made this city famous.

Maybe the best place to try it would be at Casamento’s – a restaurant which serves this dish with an amazing oyster loaf.

A Friday lunch is something that recently became characteristic of New Orleans, and it involves eating all dressed up in a fancy restaurant such as Galatoire’s. The service is amazing and the atmosphere is sophisticated-relaxed.

One of the best food neighborhoods is the Central Business District, where there are amazing restaurants like Donald Link’s Cochon (where they serve bubbling rabbit dumplings in an iron skillet instead of a plate), Besh’ Domenica, Bywater and Elizabeth’s.

If you’re not that into restaurants, there is also an abundance of food trucks that serve many kinds of food, including Creole cuisine and seafood. For seafood, the best food truck is probably Drago’s Truck.


Basically, almost all food in New Orleans is amazing and wherever you go you won’t be sorry.

2. Portland, Oregon

Portland has received the Readers’ Choice award by Saveur for the amazing chefs, great wineries and good food prices that make Portland’s food scene one of the best in the world. This city is famous for its hipster restaurants, but it also has amazing street food famed by many who tried it, including some food critics from the Guardian.

There are so many places with great food that it can become really difficult to decide where you will go. Too many choices, too much good food. From the moment you step out on the street you are surrounded by food vendors with great dishes. Some are fancy and some are very casual, but the food is always great. The best food truck is probably Nong’s Khao Man Gai, but there are many others for your enjoyment.

3. Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston is one of the best cities to visit if you are a food lover. One of the best U.S. food scenes is there. Their food is a mixture of creativity, variety and traditions, and the chefs use only top quality ingredients. Whether you go to a restaurant or get your meal from one of Charleston’s food trucks, you will be tempted to order everything they have. And even if you do – your tummy might hurt from the amount, but you will love all the food. According to the Washington Post, the best restaurant is The Lee Bros. Charleston Kitchen, but if you’re in the mood for something more casual, one of the best places for you is Butcher & Bee. There are also many cafes and shops, so you’ll have things to do while resting in between amazing meals.

4. Atlanta, Georgia

You have probably heard about Varsity, the best drive-in in the world which has been serving great meals since 1928. People from all around the world come to Atlanta just to experience the wonders this restaurant has to offer. There are also many other great restaurants, but Atlanta is mainly famous for its Food Truck Park where people can eat awesome food while gazing at local art and having a family picnic. It has a great family atmosphere, and you can really kick it easy, stuff your mouth with the best food ever, and maybe even play some football with your friends, or make some new friends over a nice meal.

Atlanta is the place where you can eat the world’s best comfort foods, and as Huffington Post describes it, they can measure up to a good hug. There are many travelers in this city looking for some fun, culture and, of course, delicious food. This is definitely a place to visit if you are a travelling foodie.