4 Unbelievable Rural Towns That Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity

4 Unbelievable Rural Towns That Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity


Being nice to other people doesn’t seem to difficult, right? But why are there so many bad things in the world and so little people helping others? People have lost their faith in humanity, and it has become strange seeing someone doing something nice for someone else. However, there are random acts of kindness that shine a light over the dark cloud of resentment and selfishness lying steadily over the human race. These good deeds that come out of compassion and kindness, and not out of wish to get something in return, show that people can be good, too, and the world isn’t such a dark place after all. Here are some amazing rural towns that will restore your faith in humanity.

1. Red Bud, Illinois

In this small rural town in Illinois with a population around 3,500, people make random acts of kindness on a daily basis. Seeing how this town functions can really restore your faith in humanity. For instance, in February this year, Red Bud celebrated a day of random acts of kindness in the memory of two girls killed in an accident one month before that. Anonymous people delivered balloons to one of the Red Bud businesses, customers and employees were given gift cards in stores… At McDonalds, many people purchased meals for other people they didn’t even know. People hug other random people on the streets. But these acts of kindness were not limited to this one day- people of Red Bud are generally humane and care about other people. Visiting this town can really make you wish the rest of the world would follow their example.

2. Tualatin, Oregon


This town has an entire system to maintain humaneness. This summer, local children were awarded Slurpee coupons every time they were ‘caught’ doing a good deed, including helping another person, or participating in a positive activity in the community. This operation was named “Operation Chill” and it was developed by 7-Eleven in order to encourage positive behavior and humaneness. Although their acts of kindness were awarded, these children had motivation at first, but it was likely to turn into a habit. Also, their behavior served as an example to adults who also started helping random people cross the street or with other simple things.

3. Groton, Connecticut

In the town of Groton, students of the Groton Junior/Senior High School often engage in humane ventures. For example, this October, the students offered to volunteer at the Groton Nursing Home, Groton Food Pantry, Women’s Community Center, police and fire stations, as well as several businesses. These students also helped local families in need, helped other students with their studying, etc. These young people have done so much for their community that all their good deeds couldn’t fit onto a couple of pages.  Their actions didn’t stop in October, as they have developed and are developing into kind and compassionate young people who are ready to help others without asking anything in return. This is a community to be proud of, and an example to many other uncaring communities.

4. Tarrant, Alabama

Tarrant is a small town in Alabama with only around 6,200 residents. In this town, people will not look at other people’s misfortune and not do anything about it. Last December, a police officer from Tarrant was mentioned in many newspapers and even commanded by Obama for buying a dozen eggs for a woman who couldn’t have afforded it. Namely the woman was caught shoplifting, but when she said she was doing it to feed her children, the officer bought those eggs for her. This is not an isolated case in this community. People care for each other and are willing to help when they can. Something that should serve as a reminder that we wouldn’t lose much or anything if we helped those who are in need, but we would gain something much more valuable than material things in return.

There are numerous other little towns that you maybe haven’t even heard of where humaneness and kindness are principles people normally live by. Living in an urban area where life is busy and fast, people forget to be nice to others and perform random acts of kindness. But without them, life would be poor and relatively meaningless, so we should definitely try to be more like people from these towns.