5 Absolutely Incredible Towns in the U.S. You Never Even Knew Existed

5 Absolutely Incredible Towns in the U.S. You Never Even Knew Existed


When we think of the U.S. all we think about is Manhattan, Hollywood and Las Vegas. But our vast land has more to offer than just bright lights. Discover a whole other side to this beautiful country by visiting some of its lesser known towns.

1. Leavenworth, Washington

A mountain town found in the lower ridges of the Washington Cascades, you wouldn’t know Leavenworth was on U.S. soil just by the looks of it. The town has a stunning resemblance to a quaint little German village, complete with rowdy beer halls and Bavarian culture. The place is a four season destination, with an endless list of activities for visitors to choose from. In the summer visitors can take wine tours or go rafting, hiking, biking and rock climbing. In the winter the place completely transforms into a winter wonderland with sleigh rides, dog sledding and skiing. Leave your passport at home, because you don’t even need it to experience this Bavarian holiday.

2. Geneva-on-the-Lake, Ohio

Geneva-on-the-Lake is a small town located along the shores of Lake Erie in Ohio. Opened in the early 1900’s, it is one of Ohio’s first lakeside resorts. Geneva-on-the-Lake was no ordinary resort though, no siree! It was the favorite resort of the Midwest gentry of the early 1900’s as well as weary soldiers looking for some rest and relaxation. Henry Ford, John D. Rockefeller and Harvey Firestone among others often frequented the place to unwind. To this day, this tiny lakeside village still attracts many visitors. Among the many attractions in the area are the Lake Erie Wineries, the beach sand and fishing at Geneva State Park. Another reason to visit Geneva-on-the-Lake would be to go back in time to the 1950’s by walking through several old-style arcades in town.

3. Estes Park, Colorado

is exactly how you would imagine a perfect mountain town to be. Nestled among the pine forests of Colorado’s Estes Valley, the town is also a gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park. The town is quiet and scenic and a picture perfect representation of the American countryside. Colorado itself is such a beautiful state, lush with greenery and surrounded by unbelievably clear bodies of water. You’ve never breathed air so crisp and clean like Colorado’s and we’ve heard that the autumn here is particularly beautiful. Estes Park remains to be one of Colorado’s best and most popular vacation spots. Another reason to visit Estes Park is the Stanley Hotel, which is rumored to have been the inspiration for Stephen King’s book – The Shining. The hotel even has a Halloween ball every year called the Shining Ball.


4. Natchez, Mississippi 

“Natchez is more than just history. It’s what you love about the South – easy elegance and casual charm, true hospitality, historic homes, lush gardens and moss-covered oaks and delicious down home fare.”

This description is what greets you once you visit Natchez’s tourism website and we couldn’t agree more. If you visit Natchez, be prepared to be swept off your feet. Despite its wealth of pre-war ghost stories it’s hard not to want to stay in Natchez forever. This town has such a great history. Despite being originally built as a French fort, it was the Spanish who made this little place overlooking the Mississippi into an actual town. Almost a decade after, it became the capital of the newly established state of Mississippi. This town has seen its share of plantation landlords and slaves and was a strategic fort for much of the civil war. But before all of that colonial history, Natchez was home to the American Indians. Its namesake, Natchez Trace, a centuries old 444-mile path from Natchez to Nashville, has been used by American Indians before it even became an official U.S. road.

Today, Natchez is elegant and pristine, and remains one of the best places to see Antebellum homes, many of which were built over 200 years ago.

5. Arcata, California

Centrally located in Humboldt County, California has a little town called Arcata. Arcata is one of the few places in the world where you can still see a huge expanse of forest just filled to the brim with giant redwoods. Such is the appeal of Arcata, where man and nature co-exist in peace. The residents fulfill their proverbial duty and are stewards of the environment and in return, the environment provides shelter, food, entertainment (and a steady cash flow through tourism). One of the best ways to see the redwoods is by zip lining through the forest. The college town, home to Humboldt State University, also features a Marsh and Wildlife Sanctuary and Clam Beach County Park. The abundant produce in the area is on display in Arcata’s Farmer’s Market.