5 Animal Shelters that Could Use a Helping Hand

5 Animal Shelters that Could Use a Helping Hand


Volunteering is a noble thing to do, but not everyone has the time to spare and offer help in other ways than by giving money. But some people use their vacations in order to give back and spend lovely moments with animals while at the same time helping them and the shelter workers.

You may think your help doesn’t mean much, but you can do more than you can imagine, and at least make the shelter animals feel good and cared for. But volunteering at a shelter isn’t just about making them feel good – it will make you feel good as well.

Here are the animal shelters which are in desperate need of a helping hand or two.

1. MaxFund Animal Adoption Center in Denver, Colorado

This is a nonprofit organization where you can adopt a dog or a cat, as they accept these animals in case they are rejected, and provide affordable veterinary services. This place was founded in 1988 by a married couple and it has found homes for more than 26,300 dogs and cats. The founders themselves can’t do everything alone, so they gladly accept the help of volunteers whose tasks here are taking care of the animals, fundraising and housekeeping when some events are being prepared for.

You can help out when you have the time, but you need to fill out an application first.

2. Pound Puppy Hike – Red Mountain Resort in Utah

The ‘work’ you can do here is called that way but it should be called ‘fun’ or ‘relaxation’ instead. You can volunteer here by booking a stay at the Red Mountain Resort which offers comfortable accommodations and the opportunity to go hiking through wonderful areas. By going on the Pound Puppy Hike what you would do as a volunteer is take a dog with you when you go for a hike and socialize with it. You would even be given treats to give to the dog while walking it.


This experience can be so replenishing for your mind and soul that you will surely want to come back or take one of the dogs home with you.

3. The Hermitage No-Kill Cat Shelter and Sanctuary in Tucson, Arizona

What is unique about this no-kill cat shelter is that there are no cages and all the cats roam free. For more than 50 years, this shelter has been rescuing abandoned cats and it is only one of the few existing animal shelters that take care of cats with special needs. This shelter rescues those cats that were supposed to be euthanized and then search for people who would adopt them. But if they don’t get adopted, they receive much love at this shelter, from the people working here and the volunteers who care for them without expecting anything in return but love and the sense of doing something they can be proud of.

4. Stray Rescue in St. Louis, Missouri

This is a shelter almost completely run by volunteers, and considering the fact that there are around 350 animals, the need for volunteers is high. People who would like to help out can walk the dogs, take them jogging or hiking, or take part in some of the fundraising and adoption events.

Finally, you can also contribute by adopting a dog yourself, if you have the conditions for it.

5. Operation Kindness in Carrollton, Texas

This is the largest animal shelter in North Texas which cares for more than 300 animals each day. This shelter rescued around 80,000 animals since it was founded. The shelter workers can’t do everything on their own, so there are always volunteers helping out, and their responsibilities include walking dogs, cleaning and maintaining the rooms where the cats spend their time, fundraising, database assistance and giving council to those interested in adopting some of the animals.

Those who would like to volunteer need to fill out an application, attend the orientation session, and determine which time is convenient for them to perform these duties.