5 Best College Towns

5 Best College Towns


So, you’re getting ready for college and want to know what is it going to look like? The town you will be living in is indeed very important when making a choice, even though you may not feel that way now. Once you get there, you might find yourself sorry you didn’t investigate some more.

So, to help you, we are listing the best college towns in the United States. Check them out.

1. Lawrence, Kansas

If you decide to go to the University of Kansas or Haskell Indian Nations University, get ready to get to know Lawrence really well. And boy, is there stuff to get to know! Just google its photos and you will most likely be astonished: the town looks amazing! Lawrence is the sixth biggest city in Kansas, around 40 miles away from Kansas City, Missouri.Out of 89 thousand people living there, almost 28 thousand are students (Fun Fact: 48% of the population has at least a bachelor’s degree). It looks very warm and cozy, as well as pretty comfortable, but on the other hand, it has a lot of opportunities for young people to have fun: New York Times describes it as “the most vital music scene between Chicago and Denver”, while Esquire magazine listed a local bar, The Replay Lounge, among the top 25 bars in the whole country. So, what are you waiting for?

2. Ithaca, New York

If you are aiming high, at one of the Ivy League colleges, why not check out Cornell University in Ithaca, New York? It would be really hard NOT to find something you like there, since it has 93 different academic programs. And once you get there, you will live in a beautiful town, rich in gorges and waterfalls, good wines and a lot of nightlife opportunities. You may think that it is a bit isolated, but even that can be considered an upside, since it raises the sense of community for students and makes them closer to locals. By the way, almost half of Ithaca’s population are in fact students. And, another thing – many of them choose to stay there after graduating. Is there a better thing to say about a college town?


3. Malibu, California

A beautiful town on the beach, Hollywood stars all around you, a few state parks and art alliances, and the Pepperdine University. If you are interested in Law, Psychology or Business studies, this is a place where you can get your knowledge, as well as beautiful sunsets on the beach. It is also one of the college towns with so-called “perfect weather” – an average low of around 50 degrees in winter and an average high of 70 degrees in summer. The Pepperdine campus is listed as one of the most beautiful, and it features many activities for its students. If you are not interested in on-campus aerobic, you can also visit Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area which offers stuff like horse-back riding, hiking, biking and so on. There really is nothing bad to say about this town.

5. Fargo, North Dakota

This town is actually the biggest in North Dakota, and it holds within its boundaries 16% of the entire state’s population. One of the amazing things that are a part of Fargo is the shockingly low unemployment rate of graduates – 3.2%! It means that the town holds many opportunities for you if you finish the North Dakota State University. It also has a really low crime rate, golf and skiing clubs, zoos, several museums and theaters. There is something for everyone, and if you like cold winters, you should already be on your way. No wonder it is one of America’s fastest growing college towns!

5. State College, Pennsylvania

When a town is referred to as “Happy Valley”, it says something about its residents and the town itself, doesn’t it? It may be because it is the 3rd safest area in the entire United States, or because of the local spirit that pretty much revolves around Penn State College, or maybe because it just looks so beautiful… or all of these. Maybe you should find out for yourself. There are plenty of opportunities for employment of both undergraduate and graduate students and also there are great schools to choose from, while you can enjoy college football that is a kind of a local obsession, as well as one of the best music scenes in the country. So if you decide to go to Penn State, you most definitely won’t be sorry.