5 Best Food Trucks in L.A.

5 Best Food Trucks in L.A.


Currently, Los Angeles has over 200 food trucks moving around the city’s streets and serving amazing food to locals and tourists. You can find whatever variety of food your heart desires, whether it is something strong and comforting, sweet, or healthy and nutritious.

It is difficult to distinguish only several of the best food trucks in the entire city when they are all so good, but according to the statistics on the most visited ones and those who make the most profit, the following food trucks seem to be doing something good (and serving some awesome food).

1. 17 and Co.

If the most delicious junk food you can imagine is what you want, this is the place to find it. You can buy bacon-wrapped hot dogs, pancetta mac ‘n cheese balls and, well you get the picture, every possible combo that shouldn’t work, but somehow it really does. This is the place where you will never be disappointed and you will be able to indulge all your junk food cravings. Nobody said the food here is healthy, but nobody will argue about it being delicious. It is especially meant for foodies and those who have big appetites. It is gourmet and even if you are trying to eat healthy, you won’t be able to resist the 17 and Co. food truck from time to time.

2. The Middle Feast

Since these food vendors serve dishes inspired by Middle Eastern cuisine, the name of the food truck is imaginative and interesting. This kind of word play in the names of stores and restaurants, and other vending objects is what attracts customers to come and buy that first serving, and the quality of the food is what keeps them coming back.

Well, this food truck has a catchy name and maintains excellent quality. The vendors are actually the champions of the fifth season of Food Network’s The Great Food Truck Race. They serve a variety of meals, but not classical American junk food.


If you stop by, you should try the feast beast skewers or the great vegan falafel balls. But, whatever you try, you will love it!

3. Dreamy Creations

If you’re in the mood for something sweet, the best food truck for your daily dose of cupcakes is the Dreamy Creations. The truck is very colorful and it literally looks dreamy. There isn’t a kid in this world who wouldn’t be drawn to it. Looks aside, Dreamy Creations is the two times winner of Food Network’s Cupcake Wars and these are probably the best cupcakes you can have in the entire Los Angeles metropolitan area, and probably even beyond.

4. Carnival Truck

This is the newest food truck in Los Angeles (if some hasn’t emerged in the last couple of days without anyone knowing) and it does not only give you food, but a complete carnival-like experience. And just like with any carnival there is junk food, but also some healthy options you can choose from, and they claim that every dressing and sauce is homemade. There are also desserts, and the best one on the menu is probably the FryTart (deep fried pop tart).

All the food is delicious and the looks of the truck tickle your imagination and enhance the experience. It is certainly something out of the ordinary which can pull you out from the boring routine of everyday life.

Hey, you have to eat, might as well make a carnival out of every meal!

5. Cousins Maine Lobster

Now, here is something a little more high-class. Bet you wouldn’t link food trucks with class, but it seems even this is possible in the City of Angels. The main dish on the menu is, obviously, lobster which is served fresh and is harvested from Maine’s cold waters. This food truck is considered to be one of the best ones in the city (and even in the entire U.S.) and in 2012 and 2013 it was proclaimed the best by Los Angeles Hotlist.

You should definitely check it out and try these amazing lobsters.