5 Fantastic Facts About Mexico

5 Fantastic Facts About Mexico


Mexico is a country of great beauty and rich culture. It is one of the favorite tourist destinations in the world, mostly because of the culture and beautiful landscapes, among other things. There are many things special about this country, named after its capital city, which was originally called Mexico Tenochtitlan during the Aztec domination, before the Spanish conquered the city and built Mexico City after they ruined the Aztec capital. Here are some of the most amazing facts about this wonderful country.

1. We have Mexico to thank for chocolate, chilies and corn

We probably wouldn’t even know what chocolate or these foods are if they hadn’t been introduced to us by Mexico. Throughout history, chocolate was made in Mexico into a sweet drink. Its name comes from the Aztec language and its original name (xocolatl) literally meant bitter water. Once not such a popular sweet treat, today chocolate is one of the most favorite sweets, we wouldn’t even know about it if it wasn’t for Mexico.  Chilies and corn were also originally grown in Mexico, and even now the best chilies are exported from Mexico around the world.

2. The second smallest rabbit in the world comes from Mexico


A very small rabbit which can be seen in extremely rare occasions lives almost exclusively close to Mexican volcanoes. Due to its habitat, this rabbit is also called the volcano rabbit. Its legs are short, as well as its fur, while its ears are small and rounded. If you happen to see this miniature rabbit, you’ll probably instantly want to take it home as your pet.

3. Children in Mexico don’t get presents on Christmas Day

Now you’re probably thinking “How is this a fantastic fact about the country?”, right? Well, they don’t get presents on that specific day, but they do receive gifts on January 6th, which is the day when the citizens of Mexico, as true Catholics celebrate the Kings Day (El Dia De Reyes), which represents the day when the three wise men arrived to Bethlehem by following a star which led them there. The star had a deeper meaning of the birth of Jesus Christ.

4. Mexico has the strongest earthquakes and volcanoes

Some of the most violent volcano and earthquake zones are located in Mexico. There are so many of those eruptions that this area is called The Ring of Fire. This sounds pretty scary, but it is also an amazing fact about Mexico. In this area, there are over 450 volcanoes, most of which are active.  In fact, only 25% of active volcanoes in the entire world are not in Mexico. This country is also home to one of the world’s most famous volcanoes called Popocatépetl, which is also the strongest and most dangerous one in Mexico.

5. Every year, millions of Monarch butterflies migrate from U.S and Canada to Mexico.

These butterflies are the only butterfly kind which makes a two-way migration similarly to birds. They use cues from the environment to determine when it’s time to go somewhere warmer, and they find their winter home in Mexico, where they stay from October to late March. While they’re in Mexico, these gorgeous butterflies can be seen on private properties and almost everywhere you go, but community groups are joining forces to create a habitat for them  by planting native milkweed.