5 Signs That the City You Are Living In Isn’t Right for...

5 Signs That the City You Are Living In Isn’t Right for You


Moving out of the city you’ve lived in your entire life is very hard, especially when it comes to feelings. But sometimes, it’s just time to move on because the place you live in isn’t right for you anymore. There’s never a right time for this, and there will always be something holding you back, but if you feel that your city doesn’t give you anything worth staying it might be time to consider moving out.

1. You are miserable, but each time you go somewhere else you feel relaxed and completely satisfied.

If you feel bad whenever you step out of your apartment, you are sick of the streets, sick of the stores, the people, the weather, everything and everyone in the town makes you feel bad, you have to stop and think – Do you even want to live there? And do you have to?

Whenever you go on a short trip with friends to any random place you feel such relief that you wish you lived there? You’re going to visit your aunt in a nearby city and you feel great, but when you have to go home, you get that sickening feeling in your stomach?

This probably means that living where you live has begun to burden you and you should consider your options and, if possible, move somewhere you’ll feel better.

2. You don’t have the opportunity to show your full potential.

If you’re living in a city where you can’t find a job according to your knowledge, talents and expertise, you are doing a dead end job, but you know you could do so much more if you just lived somewhere else, it is probably time to look for such an environment where you can do what you do best.


It all goes back to being miserable and feeling bad about the place you live in and ultimately yourself. Moving may offer you the opportunity to use your full potential and be the best human being you can be.

3. Your earnings aren’t enough to cover the essentials.

This may be a matter of a bad job or very expensive housing. Anyhow, the solution to this problem would be finding another job, which can be in a different city, or moving to another town where the housing costs are lower. But be smart, search for job opportunities and consider your options carefully. Research the market and the economic situation and only when you’ve checked the facts and are certain that moving out would provide you better conditions, think about what needs to be done in order to move.

But you don’t necessarily need to move to an urban city area. Maybe suburbia is the place for you – it can offer you more affordable housing, but it depends on the kind of job you have. If you work from home, you can do it from anywhere, but it can be a problem if your expertise is bound to companies usually based in downtown areas, then you’re kind of limited to them.

4. You can’t find (or afford) a place near work, and the commute is too long.

Your workplace is too far from your apartment, and there is absolutely no chance of finding one closer? You are losing time every day and the commute lasts longer than it takes you to have breakfast, shower, put your clothes on and read the morning newspaper?

Why wouldn’t you consider moving somewhere else, where it would take you only a short while to get to work and you wouldn’t have to spend hours commuting back and forth?

5. You have no family or friends there.

If you are living on your own in a city different from the one you grew up in, and you moved there because of a job, there may be a chance you have no one to spend your free time with. If the city is far from your hometown, you probably don’t get to see your family very often, and you’ve probably left your longtime friends behind.

But if you’re pursuing your career and you are a sociable person, you are probably able to make some new friends and keep in touch with the old ones via phone or Facebook.