5 U.S. Towns Most Hated by Americans

5 U.S. Towns Most Hated by Americans


Public Policy Polling has conducted a poll in 2012, where American citizens were asked about various U.S. cities. The poll was taken in the form of a survey asking around 900 American citizens about their opinion on various American cities (the options were favorable, unfavorable and not sure). The participants were mostly white (74%), while 57% were female.


Detroit is the absolutely most hated U.S. city by Americans. Of all 900 Americans who took part in the survey, 49% marked Detroit as unfavorable, 29% don’t have an opinion and only 22% actually like the city. Detroit is a city where crime rates are extremely high, and murders and rapes have nearly become a common everyday thing nobody gets surprised about. Not to mention the racial hatred – many African-American people live in this city, but they are usually treated very badly. On top of that, there is a failure of tax-and-spend, and the standards of living are getting worse.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles is quite hated with 40% of respondents describing it as unfavorable, but it has more people who love it than Detroit, as there are 33% of respondents who favor it, while 27% are not sure. Although this city is located in beautiful and sunny California, the pollution is one of the main factors contributing to people hating it. Well, that and the fact that there aren’t many ‘natural’ people and almost everyone has had some work done (plastic surgery, Botox shoots here and there, and so on). Besides, Hollywood is a big part of LA and the people’s mentality and behavior there is not what everyone likes or is able to handle. But these are only assumptions, the poll doesn’t actually give us the reason why people don’t like this city.


Washington D.C.

When it comes to Washington D.C. thirty-nine percent of people checked it as unfavorable, but there are still more people (44%) liking it than hating it. The rest don’t have an opinion. This city is an abnormally humid place where summers are extremely hot and traffic jams are the most common thing. The housing is extremely expensive, and most people can’t afford paying rent with just one job. Poverty and crime are big problems in this city, and it doesn’t seem that the situation will change any time soon.


According to the pole, Oakland is just as hated as Washington D.C. with 39% of people labeling it as unfavorable. There are, however, even more people who are undecided (40%) and only 21% who actually like this city. It’s not quite clear why Oakland is so hated. Maybe it is because Oakland is home to the Oakland Raiders, who are one of the most hated American football teams. Maybe it’s because of the frequent hate crimes against African-American and Asian citizens. Or maybe it’s because of the fact that Oakland is among the top 10 most dangerous U.S. cities, with a violent crime rate of 1,683 per 100,000 residents, according to the latest Forbes report.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is more loved than hated, to be truthful, but there are still 33% of people who labeled it as unfavorable. Forty-three percent like it while 25% are not sure. So what is there to hate in Vegas? Las Vegas is at the top of every list of cities with high homelessness rates, with most fat people and people with poor social skills. In 2013, Las Vegas was the 10th city on the list of 20 worst-run U.S. cities, according to Forbes magazine. It is also a city with an amazingly large number of addicts. On top of all that, it is extremely expensive and housing is unaffordable. These are only some of the reasons Americans hate it, but there are probably more, like the lack of moral standards that runs this city.