6 Big No-No’s On Your Travels

6 Big No-No’s On Your Travels


We’ve all made travel mistakes at least once. When on vacation, there are some things you simply want to do and think they will have no consequences, only to realize later on what you have done was stupid, made you look or feel bad or even put you in some kind of danger. You probably hate seeing people doing silly reckless things while travelling, but maybe you are one of those people?

Here are things you should never do on your travels.

1. Why do you have to take pictures all the time?

Vacation pictures are great memories, but who wants to see a thousand or more pictures of every inch of the town you’re staying in? Even you would get bored of watching countless pictures of insignificant places. Also, if you spend your whole time taking pictures and trying to capture all the moments, you won’t be able to truly enjoy your travels. Leave the camera, relax, take it all in, and take pictures only when they are really worth taking.

2. Do you really want to eat the same food you eat back home?

You’ve travelled hundreds or even thousands of miles to experience something new, and you’re visiting restaurants that you have back home? Well, isn’t trying the local food one of the new experiences? Don’t worry, nobody is trying to poison you or will intentionally give you bad food. There are so many great local restaurants at whichever travel destination you choose, and sitting at McDonald’s or some other such place is simply a shame and ruins the uniqueness of your vacation.

3. Don’t even think about breaking the law on your travels.


Why would you, anyway? You have come to your travel destination with the goal of spending a good time, relaxing and enjoying yourself. But that should absolutely exclude breaking the law. Urinating in public, or even worse, on some important landmark, stealing, going around with no clothes on or disrespecting public officers – those are just some of the things you should NEVER do on your travels. If you do, you could be forced to pay a lot of money for the fines, or even end up in jail for some time, and there goes your vacation to waste.

5. Don’t go on your travels without any cash.

Not every store or restaurant will take your credit card. Most places actually only take cash, so bringing only your card will probably leave you hungry, and maybe even without souvenirs. Of course, you can expect your card to be accepted in large supermarkets and shops, but further than that you can’t be sure. Therefore, always bring some cash with you.

You can keep some extra money on your card, but make sure you know where the nearest ATM is so you can take some when necessary.

5. Don’t leave your cell phone lying just anywhere.

If you think you can just leave your stuff and go into the water and nobody will steal anything, you’re very wrong. Especially if your phone is a newer (more expensive) model make sure it is kept safe, and remember that tourists are often pick-pocketed because they always have cash on them and are unfamiliar with the surroundings. When in a café, keep your personal items close to you and don’t leave them on the table when you go to the toilet. Simply said – watch your things.

6. You want to swim to another island?

You have arrived to your destination and you’re ready for some adventure. You see another small island right across the one you’re on, and you think “Why not swim to that island?” Well, don’t.

Especially if you have just arrived, you probably won’t have enough strength to make it there, and even if you do, the question is – will you be able to make it back. Those ‘really-close’ islands usually only look very close, but you need to swim a long way to get there. Moreover, you would be going through deep waters which you haven’t yet explored, so you may face some danger, and since you’re actually swimming pretty far, you would be on your own if you get into trouble. If you simply feel that you need to do it or you’ll die, then at least don’t go alone, but with someone reliable who would be able to swim with you and who has enough strength to help you if you lose yours.

Needless to say, don’t go with someone who you’ll have to drag, if they can’t make it to the other side.