7 Countries with the Most Butt Augmentation Procedures

7 Countries with the Most Butt Augmentation Procedures


While only a few years ago, breasts were still one of the most important assets when it came to female beauty, recently, a nice big butt has taken the throne. It is an absolute must if a woman wants to be considered sexy. At least, that’s what the numbers say.

Namely, butt augmentation is the 11th most common plastic surgery in the world, and around 320,000 such procedures are done every year. But which countries are the most obsessed when it comes to butt size?

7. Spain

Starting off our list with beautiful Spain. And you will see a lot of Spanish-speaking countries on our list. Spaniards are some of the most gorgeous people in the world but they still want their bodies brought to perfection.

So after they get liposuctions and boob jobs, they go for the next essential procedure – getting butt implants. In fact, around 4,000 of these procedures are done each year. Sunny weather and sandy beaches may have something to do with women wanting to look their best. They do spend half their lives in a bikini after all.

6. Argentina

Moving to the sizzling hot South American continent which is not only hot because of its weather, but because of its girls as well. Argentinian women parade around with their amazing bodies, but don’t be fooled because it may not all be so natural.

When it comes to Argentina, more than 4,100 butt augmentation procedures are done every year and we are not only talking about the locals getting under the knife. Since these procedures are pretty cheap in Argentina, a lot of women come to this country to get the job done.

5. Venezuela

This may come as a surprise, since Venezuela is not such a wealthy country. But still, there are a lot of wealthy women that can afford the privilege of having the behind they have always dreamed about. And it becomes a necessity, like buying a new bag or new shoes. This country puts a lot of emphasis on physical appearance and it’s extremely important for Venezuelan women to look flawless.


They show off their body every chance they get, even on formal occasions like at work. This is why more than 10,000 butt augmentation procedures are done in this country every year.

4. United States

Did you even have doubts about this one? Americans are big fans of plastic surgery: liposuctions, tummy tucks, boob jobs, you name it. And it’s no wonder with such influence from the media. The biggest stars of today have impressive derrieres, and it’s not quite clear whether they’re natural or not.

Regardless of that, Kim Kardashian, Nicki Minaj and Jennifer Lopez are quite an inspiration to American women who get nearly 12,000 butt augmentations every year. Beauty is a very important aspect of the American culture, and sadly, a lot of people are obsessed with perfection when it comes to looks.

3. Colombia

Just like their neighboring countries, Colombia places a lot of attention on appearance and beauty. This is why women all around this country rush to plastic surgeons to get their body fixed.

Liposuction is still at number one when it comes to plastic surgery in Colombia, but butt implants are very high on the list with about 21,500 procedures done every year. Just like in Venezuela, it’s quite surprising that a country with such high poverty rates can afford that much plastic surgery. The truth is, many women save money for years to be able to afford an augmentation process.

2. Mexico

Another fabulous traveling destination that could interest you for more than its beautiful scenery and fantastic beaches – especially if you’re a woman who wants her butt enlarged.

Nearly 38,000 butt augmentations happen in Mexico every year and many of those are actually foreign citizens who only come there to undergo the procedure. The prices of these procedures are much lower than in America or Canada. When it comes to Mexican women, it’s clear why they want their buts big and conspicuous. In the vast number of ladies at the beach, it takes a perfect behind to draw men’s attention.

1. Brazil

If there was ever any doubt about it, there isn’t anymore – Brazil is the country with the most beautiful butts. And we understand the pressure that must arise from this. In a country with such stunning women who have some of the most perfect behinds in the world, it’s easy to get insecure and want to undergo plastic surgery.

Consequently, an amazing 64,000 or so butt augmentation procedures are done in Brazil every year. Once again, the sandy beaches of South America probably have something to do with it. These girls are half-naked almost every day, so it’s crucial to look hot.