7 Most Helpful Transportation Apps

7 Most Helpful Transportation Apps


With the recent development of the IT industry came many apps that make our lives easier in many ways. One sort of such apps are transportation apps, and they are suitable for all android devices. Let’s face it – we all now have androids, so why wouldn’t we use whatever it has to offer and make sure we acquire all the necessary information about transportation quickly and easily.

Here are the most helpful transportation apps you should have on your phone if you want to make your commuting more pleasing and less troubling:

1. Easy Taxi

Easy Taxi is an application which helps you book a taxi in more than 33 countries worldwide. It works quickly and with just one click you can order yourself a taxi almost wherever you are, and your transportation will arrive to your location in no time. You can pay with your credit card or PayPal. It is definitely one of the best apps out there for taxis. The fact that more than 17 million people use it speaks about its quality.

2. Transit App

This application is not only limited to buses, taxis or trains – it shows you all the transportation possibilities near your current location. It is used in almost all large American cities, in 87 metro areas, but it is used in some European cities as well. Everything you want to know about transportation in the place you are in – Transit will provide the information. It will also save your most frequently taken routes, so you won’t have to search for them each time. You don’t even have to be online to see metro or bus schedules. This is one of the most amazing apps for transportation.


3. AllSubway

This is one of the first subway apps that were developed, but it is constantly updated and it never gets old. It provides subway maps of all the big cities in the world, including all the important ones in the U.S.  With this application, you’ll never need a paper map for subway again, and you will have it all stored in your phone.

4. Embark

Embark is a free application you can use in almost any city. You can use it even when you’re offline, to check the train schedules, the potential delays or complications. You have the possibility of choosing the station where you are and planning your time schedule – count the time you’ll need to get where you want to go in seconds.

5. Roadify

Roadify is a great application that provides real-time data about transportation, services and potential changes. Obviously, it also functions as a navigation device, which can really come in handy. It functions for most large cities in the U.S. There is also a parking service where you can post soon to be/already available parking spots and show solidarity for other drivers, as they will do it as well.

6. Waze

This application saves you time and maybe even money while you are traveling. It uses crowdsourcing and GPS which gives you accurate real-time data on the roads, traffic jams, gas stations on your way and even speed traps. You can turn on the guide which will vocally tell you where to go. You will always be prepared to go when you have this app with you. It even shows you the prices of fuel at gas stations, so you can find the cheapest one or some that is discounted.

7. Google Maps

Last, but definitely not least – Google Maps. This application is free and simple to use, and it gives you GPS navigation for every way of transportation, whether it is walking, biking or driving. It is functional in almost all the cities all around the world, and the best thing is that it tells you what’s currently happening in traffic so you won’t get stuck in a traffic jam.