8 Countries with the Highest Reported IQs

8 Countries with the Highest Reported IQs


Ranking countries according to their IQ is definitely in the grey area when it comes to appropriateness. But even with all its controversy, it does give us a pretty good insight into the intelligence of people living in certain parts of the world.

This IQ research was carried out between 2002 and 2006 in more than 80 countries. One interesting thing was found, in most cases there has been a correlation between the economic situation of a nation and its average IQ. However, there are many factors involved and the results need to be observed with some reserve.

8. Mongolia (Average IQ Score – 101)

Mongolians have been through a lot, but that didn’t affect their intelligence. In fact they belong to the very top of the most intelligent countries in the world. Their long tradition and philosophy shows that they are capable of incredible things, and one should just take a look at their great history to believe it. However, they have gone through an economic downfall after the collapse of the Soviet Union and their country has been destroyed due to natural disasters. Still, with 98%, Mongolia has one of the most amazing literacy rates in the world.

7. Iceland (Average IQ Score – 101)

One of the two European nations on the list, Iceland, seems like the perfect place to live at. The numbers say that people from Iceland have a pretty high average IQ, and one should only take a look at the situation in the country to believe it. Their economy is very stable and it has only grown in the last couple of years. Iceland has an incredibly rich culture with a larger number of writers than any other country in the world. The scenery is not only beautiful, but useful as well – almost every house in the country is heated by geothermal energy.

6. Italy (Average IQ Score – 102)

According to the research, the smartest European country is Italy. We can probably draw some conclusions from their rich history and extraordinary culture. Italy is one of the oldest countries in the world and one of the originators of art, culture and politics as we know them today. So it is not a surprise that their average IQ belongs to the very top of Europe. The Roman Empire will always be seen as one of the most powerful empires in history and Italy’s impact on architecture, literature and art is indeed immeasurable.


5. Japan (Average IQ Score – 105)

For our top 5, we’re moving to Asia and staying there. This phenomenon has fascinated scientists for decades. How do children from East Asia always score higher on IQ tests than children anywhere else in the world? Nobody is quite sure about the reasons behind this, but it’s actually not that surprising when you come to think of it. If you just look at all the technology that comes from this country, you will agree that the Japanese must be pretty intelligent, to say the least, in order to invent and create such things. Their literacy rate is at an astonishing 99%.

4. South Korea (Average IQ Score – 106)

South Koreans are extremely proud of their IQ score and the main reason for it is their impeccable system of education. As they strongly believe that education is the stronghold of their society, they invest a lot in it. Their children are praised as some of the smartest in the world and academic success is something that little South Koreans consider very important from an early age. However, there is a lot of pressure on them, and they are often so overworked at school that it affects their physical and mental health.

3. North Korea (Average IQ Score – 106)

Despite all the controversy, North Korea is home to some of the most intelligent people in the world. This may seem surprising considering everything we hear about the terrible situation the country is in, but the report did estimate their average IQ as high as 106. However, this should be taken with caution, because the research actually wasn’t done in North Korea but the average IQ was estimated according to its neighboring countries. North Koreans may live near China and South Korea, but considering the circumstances, the number may not be so accurate in this case.

2. Singapore (Average IQ Score – 108)

Another country that invests a lot of its funds in children and education is Singapore, the second country on our list. It obviously pays off, because the children in this country grow up to be some of the best scientists and engineers in the world. Singaporean children achieve phenomenal results in areas such as science, technology and mathematics and their IQs might have something to do with it. Fun fact: the youngest member of Mensa Singapore is a 2-year-old Elijah with an IQ of 142. With kids like that, no wonder their average is this high.

1. Hong Kong (Average IQ Score – 108)

Not actually a country but not a dependent part of China either, Hong Kong could be called a special administrative region of the P.R.C. Hong Kong’s progress has been impressive and their business savvy and success is undeniable. And their average IQ may be the reason for it all. What could be launching them to first place is their incredible dedication towards creating a perfect education system. And indeed, their education system is just behind Finland’s, and their children achieve amazing academic results. It looks like an ideal recipe for a bright future.