8 Most Famous City Markets

8 Most Famous City Markets


Going to malls can be fun, but city markets can be a completely different and more interesting experience, where you can bargain for things you want to buy, feel the culture of the place you’re visiting and enjoy walking through vast areas filled with spices, food, clothes and knickknacks.

Here are the world’s most famous city markets you should definitely visit if you find yourself in these cities:

1. Grand Bazaar, Istanbul, Turkey


The Grand Bazaar in Istanbul is one of the oldest and biggest covered markets worldwide. This market includes 61 covered streets containing more than 3,000 shops where you can browse and shop wonderful things at low prices. Last year, the Grand Bazaar was the most visited city market by tourists around the world.

Each day around 300,000 people visit this market which is also one of the greatest landmarks of Istanbul. This bazaar is at the heart of Istanbul’s Old City and it has always been as colorful and chaotic as it is today. It first came into existence as a small warehouse, later to spread into a great area of shops on the streets, roofed and placed into a somewhat labyrinth-like shape.

When you visit this market be sure to bargain, as the Turks may even get offended if you accept their first price. Bargaining is their kind of fun and, above all, it is part of their tradition. While at this market don’t forget to try traditional Turkish black tea and take your time to explore the wonders of this enormous market. The Grand Bazaar is opened every day (except Sunday) from 9am to 7pm.

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