8 Of Americas Deadliest School Shootings

8 Of Americas Deadliest School Shootings


The latest attack, the Oregon school shooting is mourned by the entire nation. If we look at the big picture, what’s even more tragic is that this was the 7th shooting in just over a month. Not a week went by in 2015 without a mass shooting somewhere in the US.

This kind of information paints the gruesome picture of our everyday reality. We are so obsessed with ISIS, Al Qaida, North Korea, China’s economic success, and who knows what, that we have completely overlooked the dangers that lie among us. Every time a mass shooting occurs we are left shocked and confused, filled with anger and sorrow, but never do we truly analyze why these violent outbursts happen.

We conclude that the attacker(s) was a deranged person, possibly with a violent past, but it has happened so many times through history, that one must ask whether this means we are a nation of insane persons. I myself think we are definitely not, but the answer to why mass shootings constantly happen, stays elusive as ever.

Here’s some more shocking information – school shootings are so rooted in American history that there is an article in Wikipedia named “List of school shootings in the United States”, with shootings dating back to the 18th century!

Something needs to change, whether it is education, gun control, or something else, but the nation’s safety is at risk from attacks from within our country’s borders. To show you the magnitude of the devastating effects of these shootings on human lives we have comprised a list of the 8 deadliest school shootings.


8. Fullerton, California; July 12, 1976 (7 Dead and 2 Injured)

Until 2001, the Fullerton massacre was the deadliest killing spree in Orange County. Edward Charles Allaway (37) was the caretaker at the university library. In his killing spree at the California State University Allaway killed 7 and injured 2 others in the library’s lobby and basement facilities. After the massacre he fled the scene and went to a hotel in nearby Anaheim, from where he called the police to confess his wrong-doings.

I went completely berserk at Cal State Fullerton, and I’ve committed some terrible things. I’d appreciate it if you people would come down and pick me up. I’m unarmed, and I’m giving myself up to you,” he told the police operator.

He was found guilty, but it was determined that he was mentally unfit, and was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. He had a history of mental issues – he had tried to commit suicide, and before the massacre, he threatened his soon-to-be-ex wife with a kitchen knife and raped her.

Today, he is institutionalized in the Patton State Hospital in San Bernardino.

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