8 Reasons Why Asian Cuisine Crushes Western

8 Reasons Why Asian Cuisine Crushes Western


Every cuisine is unique in some way, and defining which food is better based on taste is entirely subjective and it can’t be realistically determined. However, many foodies believe and argue that Asian cuisine is far better than Western, and here are the reasons why:


1. The way it’s prepared.

Asian food is prepared with bite-size ingredients which are then stir fried or steamed for a short while, while Western cuisine means getting your food in big pieces and then having to cut it with a fork and knife. When your food is sliced into one-bite pieces, it is easier and more convenient for you to eat and you can even share bites from your plate with the person you’re dining with. That way of eating is actually a part of Asian tradition and is called communal dining.

In restaurants you get special chopsticks which are slightly longer and more ornate than the ordinary ones. The food is usually prepared to turn out soft enough so you can pick them apart easily.

Also, in Asian cuisine meals are prepared in normal sizes, while in Western cuisine you will get a super size meal which is considered normal for them and enormous for Asians.

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