9 U.S. Cities with the Most Hurricanes

9 U.S. Cities with the Most Hurricanes



8. Hartford, Connecticut

Connecticut is another state whose geography makes it a target of heavy storms and hurricanes. Just like New York City, Hartford was hit by the horrible New England Hurricane of 1938 with almost no warning. This historic hurricane not only took over 600 lives, but it also destroyed and damaged around 30,000 houses.

In 1985, hurricane Gloria, the worst storm in the previous 30 years, caused much destruction, especially on the shore. The freshest one in the state’s history is hurricane Irene that attacked Connecticut in 2011 bringing damage and devastation to most of it, destroying homes and killing around 10 people. Since the hurricane season on the East Cost is from June to October, a lot has been done to educate people about how to take measures of precaution.

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