A Laser-Shooting Kiwi and 4 Other Weird Designs for the Next New...

A Laser-Shooting Kiwi and 4 Other Weird Designs for the Next New Zealand Flag


The current New Zealand’s flag has four stars that represent the Southern Cross constellation on a black-colored background, and at the top left corner there is the Union Jack. This flag has been formally in use since 1902 and its supporters are strongly against it being changed, as generations have lived, fought and died under it.

A referendum will be held this year where the public will be able to choose the best flag, and then a second referendum will be held in 2016 to select the new design or the existing flag.

Since the public was appealed to send in their designs for the new flag and vote to choose which one will take the place of the current one, the results are somewhat weird and funny. Anyone has a chance to design the potential new flag and upload it to a public gallery, and some designs really have sense and portray something that in some way represents New Zealand, such as the silver fern, the Southern Cross constellation in a red-blue-black-white combination, while some designs are simply weird and funny.

But really, this could have been expected from New Zealand folks, where there are cases such as that of a man trying to take out his partner’s teeth during intercourse, of people who steel sheep and spray-paint them, and who could forget the runner that got lost in the bushes and drank her own breast milk to survive.


These flag suggestions will probably not be considered for the new official flag, but they are so imaginative and funny that they need to be shared with the public.

1. A Laser-Shooting Kiwi

This crazy design was made by James Gray from Auckland whose intention was to present New Zealand as a powerful country, and the laser is there to portray power. The background of the flag is black, the kiwi is yellow/brownish and there is a big white leaf in the upper left corner. The designer thinks his work is self explanatory, but some clarification wouldn’t hurt.

2. Flag-Bearing Kiwi

Designed by George George, this flag suggestion contains a kiwi holding a flag with a kiwi holding a flag and standing inside another identical flag (a flag within a flag within a flag). There are 4 red stars at the bottom right corner and the background is blue.

3. Bicycle Of NZ

Designed by James Ringwood from Auckland, this flag is a perfect example that proves how anyone with Paint can participate in this contest. The designer said “I believe it accurately represents the NZ people as hard working individuals from today on into the future”. Kindergarten level drawing skills sure aren’t enough for a country’s flag, but it is enough to make us laugh.

4. Sheep And Hokey Pokey

Designed by Canterbury’s Jesse Gibbs who thinks it represents all of NZ because there are many sheep and people love hokey pokey ice cream. “I even included the blue and red to keep all of you naysayers happy,” the author said.

5. NewZealand.com V1.1

This flag features the QR code and the Southern Cross with the stars rotated 45° – a very futuristic view on the flag. Simon Aiken, the designer of this (flag?) must be a programmer who believes that this can pass as a flag.