A Steampunk Pub in Romania Will Astonish You

A Steampunk Pub in Romania Will Astonish You


Around a year ago, 6th-Sense Interiors came up with something amazing and unique – their idea was to design a pub which would look exactly like a submarine on the inside.

The idea was to include details that are usually seen in submarines into the concept, including periscopes, control panels and visible pipes (which is also an element commonly seen in the steampunk culture). The icing on the cake when it comes to the design is the vault-shaped ceiling and the rest of the space in the shape of a wagon, divided into two rooms.

The two bars each have the shape of a metal submarine, and the DJ desks look as antiaircraft booths. When you look up to the ceiling, you can see mobile torpedoes. This is surely something unique that you have never seen before anywhere else in the world. Even if you don’t like this style, you will be intrigued and want to at least see how it looks and feels on the inside of the pub.

The two rooms are not the same size. There is the ‘large’ room and the ‘small’ room. The large room is decorated in a submarine style, and the walls are embellished with an imitation of a submarine command panel. There are also cameras, dials, old monitors, and a torpedo on the ceiling held by a mobile crane.


When you get into this pub you really get the feeling of being in a real submarine.

Those in love with steampunk will simply adore spending time here. Those who love technology from the cold war era and submarines will not have anything against it either. The design was done so well that you could even forget that it is only a pub.

Details like top hats lampshades, an LED Zeppelin and a trophy deer head with monocles and steampunk gizmos will blow you away.

In the small room, which is also called the Engine room, there are huge propellers and, of course, the engine. The arches in this room are designed in such a way so that decorative sheet is carved in circles.

Each of these rooms has a bar according to its size, and this pub looks like a perfect blend of style and functionality which will surely tickle your imagination and make you want to take pictures of the entire place.

If you’ve ever wondered how it would look like if there was a pub in a submarine, or a submarine in a pub, this is your chance to check it out and indulge your senses in the wonders of perfect design.

This pub is located in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, the second biggest city after the country’s capital (Bucharest), and it may just be the first pub where you can enjoy clubbing and an underwater steampunk experience.

Thanks to the way the designers made this pub so realistic, you may even forget that you are actually grounded and start believing you’re in a real submarine. People from all around the world come to Romania to experience this unique kind of clubbing, and they surely aren’t disappointed.

So, get your plane ticket and see this place for yourself.