All the Wonders St. Louis Has to Offer Besides the Arch

All the Wonders St. Louis Has to Offer Besides the Arch


St. Louis is a city of many wonders, of which the most famous one is the Gateway Arch which represents the role of this city in the Westward Expansion of America throughout the 19th century. If you don’t appreciate the historic or architectural value of this magnificent monument, you won’t be able to resist being excited when you climb to the top and see the entire city from 630 feet height. This is maybe the most prominent wonder of St. Louis, but this city has an abundance of wonderful places to see and experience. Here are some of them.

1. Meramec Caverns

This is the oldest St. Louis’ attraction located on Route 66, where you can go on a guided tour and see some of the world’s biggest cave formation. These caverns are actually just outside of St. Louis, at the bottom of the Ozark Mountains, and they served as shelter for Native American tribes. Later, the French discovered that the caves are rich with minerals, so they turned them into mines, while during the Civil War, the caves produced material for the production of gunpowder. In the elaborate complex of caves there is an underground river and a formation in the shape of a stage curtain, which is also the largest formation of its kind in the world. This is definitely something worth seeing, touching, experiencing, and it is St. Louis’ most amazing underground wonder.

2. Missouri Wine Country


This was the first wine region in the U.S., and it is placed just on the western outskirts of St. Louis. This is the place where immigrants from the Rhine River valley in Germany planted vineyards in the 19th century, and those turned into an amazingly large wine property, with cellars and exquisite wine culture. But it’s not just the great wine that attracts people here, it is the amazing scenery and the spirit of original German culture and the way they have fun. This is a place you should go when seeking for some relaxed sophistication, some good wine and fun.

3. Bellefontaine Cemetery

When thinking about cemeteries, you probably don’t have anything nice coming up in your head. However, this cemetery is so beautiful that it has become a tourist attraction. Bellefontaine Cemetery has a 160 year-long history and it is one of St. Louis’ most beautiful local landmarks.

This is not just a cemetery, it is an architectural wonderland. Its buildings and mausoleums were built in various styles, including Classic Revival, Romanesque, Gothic and Egyptian Revival, but you can also sense the influences of modern architecture. Bellefontaine Cemetery is in the National Register of Historic Places, and it became recognized for the architectural contribution when it comes to 19th century cemetery design. One of the most amazing monuments at this cemetery is the Hotchkiss Chapel built in 1909 for a man called Almerin Hotchkiss who served at Bellefontaine for 46 years.

There are also two lakes at this cemetery, located south-west of Bellefontaine at a place called Wildwood Valley. Cremated remains are stored in the columbarium, which is surrounded with fountains and resting benches. This is a truly peaceful and beautiful place.

On top of all that, this cemetery is a heaven for local wild life. While walking through Bellefontaine, you can see red foxes, red-tailed hawks, wood ducks and ducklings, raccoons, and many migratory birds and the beautiful Black Swallowtail butterfly.

Who would have thought you can have fun at a cemetery!