America’s Best Monster Burgers

America’s Best Monster Burgers


May was the National Hamburger Month and across the entire U.S there were cooks who made ridiculously large burgers. Some of them weigh even more than you! This May was the perfect time to explore and find America’s best monster burgers. Check them out.

1. The Beer Barrel Belly Buster , Pennsylvania

This hamburger is made at Denny’s Beer Barrel Pub in Clearfield, Pennsylvania and it is especially made for people who like eating a lot, but a lot of good food. The hamburger is 15 pounds heavy and there are additions such as salads (tomatoes, onions, sweet relish and lettuce), banana peppers, mayonnaise, ketchup and mustard, and as usual, this hamburger is topped with cheese. The name of the hamburger is fitting, as your tummy will really be busted if you eat the entire thing. You could literally feed an entire family for a week or more with this burger. So if you decide to visit this restaurant, bring some friends along to help you eat this enormous meal.

2. Monster Burger , Chicago

Made at Jake Melnick’s Corner Tap in Chicago, this burger is 8 pounds heavy and it is usually served for a table of 8 persons, where every person is given around one pound. This burger is meant for people with serious appetites, and you can choose whatever spices, salads or dressings you want. Currently there is a monster burger challenge which you can take with a friend, and if together you succeed to eat the whole thing in 45 minutes you will get it for free and receive two souvenir tees as well.

3. Gnar Burger

The [email protected] restaurant in Olympic Valley makes a burger of 4 pounds for one person’s enormous appetite. It is made of California Angus beef, chicken, pork coleslaw, onion rings and rocker sauce and its caloric value is really enough to feed up to 8 hungry professional athletes. It seems that people here extremely love eating.


4. Niffasaurus the Beast

Burgers made at Niffer’s Place in Auburn, taken out of the selection of Burgers with Attitude are something foodies are amazed about. Compared to the other mentioned burgers it is not so large – this burger has 2 pounds of ground beef (quadruple stacked on a huge bun), along with melted cheese, including mozzarella and cheddar, Swiss and pepper jack. Things become heated when the cook puts a fried egg on top, and tops that off with some nice and crispy bacon. This is perversion for foodies who go across the country just to try this burger.

5. The Double Trouble Burger

You can find these burgers at PBR Rock Bar & Grill in Las Vegas. The sandwich is made of beef patties, bacon, cheddar cheese, and hollandaise sauce. It is 2 pounds heavy, but it is so delicious that you will probably eat it whole before you realize you’ve had enough half way through. And the fried egg on top of the meat only adds to the flavor and makes it even more delicious. This is really a burger meant for people who are not afraid to eat two pounds of food at once and like a good burger.

Some go to Vegas to gamble, others don’t risk it and go for a sure win – The Double Trouble Burger!

6. Breakfast All Day Burger

This burger is served at BURGERFI restaurants all over the U.S. and they literally serve huge burgers for breakfast. Some people simply like to eat strong food to start their day. Breakfast All Day Burger – it is not quite clear how it got its name, but let’s suppose that it is because the burger is so large that you could eat it the entire day (and it probably has the caloric value recommended for an entire day).

This burger has more than a pound of meat between the buns, besides the fried egg, bacon, grilled onions, hash brown, American cheese, ketchup and even maple syrup. If you want to try this delicious burger, but are afraid that it wouldn’t fit into your belly, nobody will judge you if you bring a friend along and share it. After all, not all of us can stuff more than a pound of food into our stomachs all at once.

But hey, that is why they are called monster burgers!