America’s National Parks’ Best Hiking Trails

America’s National Parks’ Best Hiking Trails


Hiking is a very interesting and active sport, and the American Hiking Society celebrates National Trails day each June. On that day, many people from all around America choose their favorite trail and engage in activities such as walking, biking, paddling or horseback riding, while reconnecting with other likeminded people and enjoying the much needed recreation that is good for both mind and body.

Some of the best hiking trails in America which are worth every second of your time are inside America’s majestic national parks. There are many great trails, but here are some of the absolutely best ones:

1. Bright Angel TrailGrand Canyon

Grand Canyon in Arizona is a national park where most North Americans come to hike. The trail is around 12 miles long, and while walking you can see an amazing landscape unlike any other you’ve ever seen. The walk on this trail isn’t always easy, in fact it can be pretty difficult to reach the end, but finishing the hike gives you the sense of accomplishment.

2. Sargent Mountain LoopAcadia National Park

This trail is a part of the Acadia National Park in Maine, a place where wilderness is so beautiful and wonderful that it attracts hikers from afar. The trail is very interesting and there is the Sargent Mountain Loop, a round trip which hikers can take to get to the top of the Sargent Mountain, 1,373 feet high. The Acadia coastline is another great thing to see, and the beautiful forests are there to complete the experience.


3. Hawksbill Loop TrailShenandoah National Park

This national park along with Hawksbill Loop Trail in it is located in Virginia and spreads only 3 miles. Even though it isn’t very long, it doesn’t mean it is easy to finish the hike, as the trail intertwines with the Appalachian Trail which hikers follow until they reach the highest point in the park, 4,000 feet high. The wildlife and the forest are rich and really beautiful to see and experience, so people look forward to coming back to this trail each year.

4. Upper Yosemite FallsYosemite National Park

California has always had beautiful landscapes and wildlife, and this national park is no exception with its amazing waterfalls, including the Yosemite Falls which are the highest ones in the entire North America. This trail is not easy at all. It mostly involves climbing, but after you’re done climbing you arrive to the site where you can best see the Yosemite Creek. Exhausting but rewarding, this trail is a little more challenging than most, but so worth the effort.

5. Zion NarrowsZion National Park

This trail in Utah is a little less than traditional. While hiking, you can go over 16 miles through beautiful landscapes and slot canyons. If you get tired you can go to an offshoot and take a break or go back. This really is a long trail, but you have lots of things to see and experience. Remember to bring good hiking shoes, as the road is somewhat uneven and often the river rushes over the canyon floor, so you need to be careful not to wear anything that will make your feet slippery and cause you to fall or hurt yourself.