Beijing, Where Traditional Meets Modern

Beijing, Where Traditional Meets Modern


1. Peking International Youth Hostel

Even far away from your hometown you can feel right at home if you choose the Peking International Youth Hostel as your accommodation when you visit Beijing. Located in the heart of the colorful Hutong district in a beautiful lane in downtown Beijing, a little north of the Forbidden City, this hostel offers a variety of rooms, from affordable to luxurious.

Each room is spacious and equipped with everything you need. There is a restaurant and a cocktail bar in the lobby, while you can enjoy a great view from the hostel’s terrace. It has almost everything you came to see in Beijing, so this may be one of the best places to stay in the city. The prices for one night go from $22, and it depends on the service you choose.

2. Red Capital Residence


Red Capital Residence is a guesthouse located in the center of Beijing and inside a Qing-dynasty courtyard. This house may be small, but it gives you a unique experience similar to spending a night at a museum.

Although all of the four offered rooms are small, they are very charming and nicely decorated. It is very close to the Forbidden City and the Tiananmen Square so you can literally wake up and walk to the sights you want to see. A room per night usually costs somewhere around $70, depending on the number of people staying and the time of year.

3. DuGe Boutique Hotel

This is a five star hotel placed near the Courtyard Arts Center, in walking distance from the Bell Tower. This is a beautiful hotel where each room is equipped with a flat-screen TV, tea and coffee maker, bathrobes and slippers, and every other hotel commodity to give you the best hotel experience.

The hotel also has a restaurant and a bar and you will have 24 hour Internet access if you choose to stay here. It is only 15 minutes away from the Forbidden City (by bus or car). Staying here is a little more expensive than the previously mentioned accommodations, and one room for two persons averagely costs around $145 per night.

A city as large as this one has numerous accommodations to offer, and there are plenty more not mentioned here, but you can look them up and book a room based on your interests and preferences. These 3 could be said to be the representatives of the different options possible in Beijing (hostels, guesthouses and hotels).

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