Best Countries for Wealthy Retirees

Best Countries for Wealthy Retirees


Some retire abroad seeking for a place where their money is worth more so they can save some and live a more quality life. However, not only people who want to save money go overseas, but also those who are seeking adventure, luxury, beautiful scenery and good health care.

If you are one of those retirees who managed to gather some wealth and you don’t need to worry much about money, here are the countries considered best for retiring:

1. France

France, and particularly Paris, may be the most expensive place to move to in Europe. However, this doesn’t scare off people with money, especially since there are magnificent and luxurious apartments in the city’s centre which you can lease and be steps away from the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower.

If you want to move there, you will need to ask for a residence permit and prove that you are financially stable and will not ask for funds from their country. You also have to prove that your medical insurance is covered and that you will have a place to live. Your first residence permit will last for one year, and then you’ll have to renew it, but after a couple of years, you will be able to file for a privileged 10-year residence card.

Many retirees from all around the world go to France to spend the rest of their lives enjoying the luxuries of this country and eating croissants. If you have a nest egg, you can try this and if you don’t like it, just pick another glamorous location.

2. Hawaii, USA


Hawaii is one of the world’s top summer destinations, especially due to its amazing beauty and pleasant warm climate. But it is not just a vacation spot, as more and more people are deciding to retire here.

Housing isn’t cheap, but the quality of life will be much better than sitting in an apartment in a smoggy city and having no place for outdoor activities, and no quality health care. In Hawaii, you can enjoy a variety of activities, spend your days by the sea and forget about all your worries – live like a retiree is supposed to.

3. Monaco

Monaco is the smallest European independent state which offers so much fun for young and old alike.

This country is very safe and stable, and extremely wealthy. There is an abundance of public transportation and you can easily commute everywhere you want; the medical care is excellent, the climate is pleasant, with mild winters and warm and dry summers. Many residents of Monaco speak English, so you won’t have any trouble getting around as well.

To get accepted as a resident of Monaco, you first need to get a long-term visa from France, and then apply for a residence card in Monaco.

To be accepted, you need to prove that you’re financially stable, that you aren’t a convicted criminal and that you will have a place to stay once you move there. The housing in Monaco is very expensive, so this is not a place for you if you are on a tight budget. On the other hand, food and transportation are very affordable, so if you have enough to afford a house, the other expenses won’t burden you as much.

4. New Zealand

New Zealand is a perfect place for wealthy retirees, with a mild climate, a wide variety of engaging activities, and a good health care system. A retirement visa is pretty expensive, and it will cost you 0.75 million NZ dollars, which is $528,472 in US dollars. Housing is also very pricy but when you take into consideration the (really really!) wonderful scenery, the safety and all the other good things, money isn’t such a big problem, if you have it.