Dark Statistics, 3 Babies Died After Being Tossed from NYC Windows

Dark Statistics, 3 Babies Died After Being Tossed from NYC Windows


This October a baby girl was tossed from a sixth-floor window by her 27-year-old mother Tenisha Fearon.

At that moment, the mother was in her apartment with her three other children, who were left unharmed but were taken to the hospital. This is the third such case to happen in New York in three months.

A neighbor called 911 after seeing the mother holding her 6-month-old baby outside the window, and after that the police received calls from witnesses who saw the baby being thrown. Georgio Lopez, a next-door neighbor said that he went to the roof to see what was happening, looked into Faeron’s window and saw the mother and her other three children-all naked. The baby was already dead on the ground.


Police officers had to break the door as Faeron wouldn’t willingly open it, according to the policemen’s statement.

The other three children are now being taken care of by the Administration for Children’s Services who are trying to find a way to ensure the children’s well-being.

Another such case happened in September, when a mother threw her newborn throughout the window of her 7th floor apartment.

The mother was arrested on charges of murder and manslaughter. The woman apparently hid her pregnancy and planned to get rid of the baby as soon as possible after delivery. The baby girl still had her umbilical cord attached when she was found dead on the concrete in front of the building she was tossed from.

A similar case occurred in August this year, when a woman was charged for killing her 1-month- old baby boy, again by tossing through a window.

The boy was thrown out of a fourth-floor window and died instantly. The boy’s mother, as court papers show, said that she was trying to stop the boy’s pain, as he was possessed by an evil spirit.

No charges have yet been filed against Fearon, while the two other women pleaded not guilty in court.