Divorced Inc. 10 Nations with the Highest Divorce Rates

Divorced Inc. 10 Nations with the Highest Divorce Rates


From a young age, little girls fantasize about their dream wedding and living ‘happily ever after’ with their prince, who is supposed to be the one. Throughout history, ending a marriage was considered a sacrilege, as a union formed by God isn’t supposed to break.


In the present, there are still some societies that deny that divorce is an option and would rather live in a loveless marriage that doesn’t work. On the other hand, many nations consider breaking this union normal, and realize that it is much better to live two happy and separate lives than one miserable in togetherness. This doesn’t mean that people who get a divorce are giving up on love, just that they are ready to move on and look elsewhere.

The UN’s Demographic and Social Statistics Division revealed that there are some nations that have much higher divorce rates than others, where more people are getting divorced that getting married.

Here are the 10 nations with the highest divorce rates:

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