Domino’s Introducing Delivery Vehicles with Built-in Ovens

Domino’s Introducing Delivery Vehicles with Built-in Ovens


The pizza delivery revolution is here! Domino’s has once again showed extreme devotion to bringing delivery to absolute perfection by creating cars with built-in ovens.

They have become the first pizza restaurant chain with such innovation and it just might be the best thing ever to happen to any kind of food delivery.

Domino’s is going to introduce their new delivery vehicle within the next three months and it’s going to make cold pizza a thing of the past. The new car is named “Delivery ExPert” or “DXP” and it is a specifically modified version of the Chevrolet Spark. The car is going to have only one seat for the driver, while the rest of the vehicle is going to be reserved for up to 80 pizzas. The oven is going to be facing outwards and is going to keep the pizzas warm until they arrive at the address.


This project has been in the works for three years, during which these special cars have been developed.

Now, the cars have been revealed and around 100 of them will be sent across America for a test ride. After the trial period, Domino’s will probably introduce them to all their restaurants.

A built-in oven is not the only handy thing this super-car will have. There are also going to be puddle lights with a Domino’s logo which are going to help the drivers detect the puddles in the dark and further optimize the delivery for both the customers and the drivers.

Russell Weiner, president of Domino’s USA stated that “This innovation allows drivers to do their jobs with greater ease and efficiency, and demonstrates that Domino’s is absolutely fanatical about making perfect deliveries.”

And indeed, Domino’s has proved over the years that it aims to perfect the delivery system and allow their customers to reach their pizzas more simply. Their online delivery system now receives almost 80% of the total number of orders with customers being able to make their orders extremely easily through their phones or tablets.

And Domino’s isn’t planning on stopping there. There are big plans for the future with a one-click ordering app being planned for next year.