Hungary’s Message to Illegal Immigrants: “We Are a Bad Choice”

Hungary’s Message to Illegal Immigrants: “We Are a Bad Choice”


The immigrant crisis in Europe has been gearing up and it seems that it has reached its peak this summer, with more than 450,000 immigrants entering EU in only 4 months. Some countries, like Hungary, have now resorted to drastic measures.

The immigrant’s main route to Germany was through Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, Hungary, and Austria.

However, Hungary decided to build an anti-migrant fence on its border with Serbia and has mobilized its police officers and army to intensify border control. No immigrant has passed the Serbia-Hungary border since and they have been re-routed to Croatia.

Hungary’s message to Syrian refugees is clear – “Stay away!”

A recently released video by Hungarian officials shows off the strength of their police department and is a subtle warning to all immigrants. It features the mayor of Asotthalom, a city close to the Serbian border, who threatens that those who illegally cross Hungary’s border can expect to be prosecuted, as well as those who damage the fence being built on the border. Mayor Toroczkai continues by saying that the fence is being further extended and how it will protect Hungary’s borders, all the while “subtly” pointing out that the military and the police are guarding the border with Serbia.


The video is full of scenes with military and police vehicles, all used to intimidate asylum seekers from entering Hungary.

The culmination of the video is at the very end, where immigrants are being advised that the shortest way to Germany from Serbia is through Croatia, Slovenia and Austria.

The final message of the video says: “Do not trust the lying human traffickers. Hungary is a bad choice. Asotthalom is the worst!”

But things don’t end there. Now that asylum seekers aren’t able to continue their journey through Hungary, they opt for Croatia as the next logical choice. The Croatian government has stated that they are completely ready to handle the migrant crisis and they welcome them to their country, unlike their northern neighbors, Hungary. But it seems their hospitality lasts for only a few days.

After a few days of migrants freely entering Croatia, the Croatian government has decided to close all border crossings to Serbia.

This was imposed by the fact that the Croatian government wasn’t able to handle the large influx of refugees from Serbia. All borders to Serbia have been closed and only passenger vehicles are being sent through, and even that at a slower pace. The Serbian government has been outraged by the fact that they have been left to deal with the Syrian refugees on their own, with neighboring EU member states declining to accept any of them. Not to mention the pending financial disaster, with most of Serbia’s exports to EU going through Croatia.

Some refugee seekers are stuck in Croatia, while others are bound to Serbia, with Hungary’s borders heavily guarded and Croatia’s borders completely closed.

The European Council has had an urgent meeting and it is expected that concrete steps will be taken to deal with these developments.