If Only These Amazing Fast-Food Dishes Were Sold in America

If Only These Amazing Fast-Food Dishes Were Sold in America


Originally American fast food restaurants have expanded all over the world and are now offering dishes catered to local tastes, and only the basic American foods they used to sell. Now, most of these dishes are absolutely delicious, but unfortunately they are not sold in America. Guess you’ll need to go to some other country to try them. Here are some of those meals you won’t be able to find on any menu in America.

Kuro Ninja Burger, Burger King

One of the most popular American fast-food restaurants has opened its branch in Japan and it offers this strange-looking dish as one of its specialties. The bun is naturally blackened with bamboo charcoal and it looks amazing. Inside the bun, there are hash browns, a Whopper patty, a slice of bacon, onions, lettuce and some garlic and onion sauce (called Chaliapin). Even at first sight this dish looks finger-licking good, imagine just how good it tastes. Those who have been to Japan have probably tried it and know what the fuss is all about.

McArabia, McDonald’s

This dish is served in Pakistan and other Arab countries, and it is all sorted inside a deliciously made pita. Inside the pita, there are onions and garlic sauce, lettuce and tomatoes. No, wait, that’s not all, there are also two chicken patties, grilled and amazing. Too bad we have to go so far away just to try this amazing-looking dish.

Cheese Catsu Burger, McDonald’s


Japan again. It seems that the Japanese have gotten the best of McDonald’s. This dish is a perversion of tastes. The buns are covered with a Japanese sauce called Tonkatsu which is perfect for dishes made with pork. There is some lettuce, but the icing on the cake is actually fried pork filled with cheese dripping all over the place. It is what most Americans would consider a perfect comfort food.

McLobster Roll, McDonald’s

Sold in Canada, this is actually a tasty lobster salad placed inside a roll. It doesn’t look like anything special, but people who’ve tried it claim that it is amazing.

Octopus Bruchetta, Pizza Hut

This time, Vietnam has all the great stuff when it comes to good food. There aren’t octopi on a pizza in America, and you probably haven’t even thought about the combination, ever. Well, it is not actually a pizza, but Pizza Hut in Vietnam is offering prepped tentacles on thinly sliced bread as an appetizer. It looks magnificent, and I bet it tastes so too.

Chili Cheese Nuggets, Burger King

This dish is sold in Austria’s Burger King and only there, so next time you visit Vienna, make sure you try this deliciousness. These are actually chicken nuggets fried and filled with cheese and chopped jalapeños. They are in bite sizes and you can order portions of 6, 9 or 20 nuggets. As delicious as these nuggets look, 6 or 9 probably won’t be enough to satisfy your taste buds.

Shrimp and Chicken Sandwich, KFC

KFC restaurants in China offer this exotic sandwich made of shrimp stuffed into a fried chicken patty and lettuce, all placed into a soft and tasty bun sprinkled with sesame.

Avocado Whopper, Burger King

If you like avocado, you would absolutely love this burger sold in Burger King, Japan. There is so much avocado inside that the taste of it possibly prevails. Besides the avocado, there is a juicy beef patty and some bacon on top of it, all spiced up with some Swiss cheese, lettuce and tomatoes. The bun is soft and sprinkled with sesame. It sounds a little similar to Burger King’s California Whopper, but according to reviews from people who’ve tried both, the Japanese version is much better.