Is This Going too Far for Halloween? What Do You Think?

Is This Going too Far for Halloween? What Do You Think?


Carved pumpkins, witches, ghosts and goblins – all typical Halloween decorations, but what do people think about lifelike displays of corpses hanging around in the front lawn?

A lot of people would say that the point of Halloween is to scare your friends and even strangers when you’re at it. And it’s done with a gory house decoration with skeletons and tombstones.

However, one Halloween display is causing a lot of controversy in Parma, Ohio.

The Barrett family has been decorating their house with lifelike corpses for 3 years, but this year they have been getting a lot of media attention.


Many locals believe they’ve taken things too far and that their graphic display is too disturbing to be out in public, especially because the Denzler Elementary School is a block away. Children walk by every day and many of them get frightened by the gory display. The local residents believe that the Barretts should “tone it down if they’re not going to take it down”.

Neighbor Jackie Anselmo is shocked that her 9-year old daughter has to watch this display every time she goes to school. “I’m almost horrified that somebody would think that it’s ok to put this that close to an elementary school,” she told the Cleveland News Station.

Her daughter was scared because she thought they were real bodies. So Jackie Anselmo took pictures and has been trying to make the city take the gory display down.

However, city officials claim that they can’t make the Barretts take it down because it’s freedom of expression.

Vicky Barrett, the homeowner and mom to a 2-year old and teen with special needs says: “We don’t want to scare the kids… We just wanted to do Halloween like we do every year, you know, but definitely no ill intent, no.”

If it’s scaring some kids and we knew they were having a hard time passing by to school, yeah, we would have toned it down. We don’t want to scare kids.

The latest update on the news is that the Barretts have reluctantly taken down the display.

If you want to see how the display looked like check out Fox 8 News report and give us your opinion – Is this taking things too far?