Legoland Hotel Open in Florida

Legoland Hotel Open in Florida


Do your children like Legos? Yes?

Then they will absolutely love the recently opened Lego Hotel in Florida.

As parents, your biggest wish is probably to make your children happy, and this is the place to do it – all that your child’s heart can desire can be found here. This is actually a Lego wonderland designed to look like the structures your children make at home while playing. Everything looks like these toys, and even the reception desk is made out of these mini-figures (5,000 of them). Imagine how much effort and work it took to make such a place! A night at this hotel isn’t cheap at all, but you could probably afford it at some point, as this may even be more fun to your children than, for example, Disneyland. One night at a basic themed apartment costs around 300 USD minimum, but this is the price for the room and not per person, which really isn’t that expensive for a hotel like this one.

There is a restaurant in this hotel which is also mostly made of Legos. You can’t see a room here that isn’t in the Lego toy line style. This restaurant, besides being fun for your children, is also a good option because it serves healthy options, and not unhealthy fast food usually served at such fun places.

There is a variety of activities your children can enjoy, including the “Master Lego Builder” class where they can learn to make different advanced structures made of Legos and enjoy spending time with other children interested in the same thing.


If your children have heard about it, you will probably not stop hearing about how much they want to go until you take them there. The colors and graphics on the walls give you the sense of fantasy and keep you feeling positive and energized. The rooms are also equipped in this style, but they are comfortable as well. If you are wondering – no, you will not sleep on Legos.

There are 152 differently themed rooms, and each can fit 5 people.

Children sleep in separate areas from adults and each room is also equipped with Lego toys so your child can play before bedtime, and decorate the bedroom according to their own taste. Adults will not be uncomfortable here, as there is a big and comfortable king-size bed, a big swimming pool where you can spend your time and enjoy, and the best thing about it is that it is shallow enough to be safe for children, but deep enough so it is not uncomfortable for adults.

This hotel is a win win combination if you want to spend some relaxing time with your family and make your children happy by taking them to this amazing Lego wonderland. If Florida seems too far for you, there is also the Lego Resort in San Diego, California.