Man Awarded $21M for Being Hit by an Automatic Door

Man Awarded $21M for Being Hit by an Automatic Door


James Hausman, 61, from Illinois had his trip around the world cut short when he got hit by an automatic door four years ago, but now he has finally received compensation – no less than $21.5 million.

Hausman was on a cruise around the world with Holland America Line on November 26, 2011 and he was walking through an automatic sliding-glass door when the door suddenly shut hitting him on the face and side of the head. Hausman, who was travelling with his wife and daughter, was immediately taken to the ship doctor who diagnosed him with a concussion and advised him to get off the cruise.


However, Hausman attorneys argued that, according to the tests, Hausman actually suffered a minor brain injury that led to memory loss, seizures and vertigo. They added that “he still has trouble with things that would have been simple before.” On top of all that, his defense argued that the poor man had to sell his gold and precious-metals retail business due to the consequences of the incident.

Even worse for the Holland America Cruise Line, they were accused of dozen other passengers getting injured because of problems with their doors in some 34 incidents that happened in the last three years. The judge allowed the jury to hear about 16 of those incidents which pretty much sealed the deal for this lucky victim.

When it comes to the Hausman’s case, Holland America Line representatives didn’t want to comment on the circumstances even though his attorneys stated that the motion sensors on the doors were set to open and close more quickly than usual. However, they did release a statement saying that “Holland America Line is committed to the safety and security of our guests and take all incidents very seriously.”

Unfortunately for them, this incident will cost them a fortune since they are forced to pay $21.5 million in damages to James Hausman who won’t have to worry about money ever again.