Mother of 8 Shoot to Death by Her Ex Over Diaper Money

Mother of 8 Shoot to Death by Her Ex Over Diaper Money


A single mother of 8 was killed by her ex-boyfriend and a father of one of her children in an argument over money for diapers and baby wipes, according to a statement made by the police.

Twenty-year-old Markese Reese was arrested in Pittsburgh on Tuesday, the 10th of November, and charged with criminal homicide of Marqua Wilson.

According to the Allegheny County court records, Wilson had a protection-from-abuse order against Reese, as he physically abused her while they lived together in a Pittsburgh suburb. In October 2014, Reese violated the order, broke into Wilson’s apartment and stabbed her in the arm with a grill fork when she attempted to escape him.

The charges that were filed against him for burglary and abuse were quickly withdrawn, for unknown reasons.


Although Reese and Wilson have had problems in the past, and he was clearly dangerous, Wilson let him visit his child. Reese brought diapers and baby wipes, as well as marijuana into Wilson’s home, according to the authorities.

Reese demanded that Wilson reimburse him for the baby supplies, claiming that that money was meant for marijuana, according to the complaint record. The two argued until around 2 a.m. Monday, when Wilson said that she would pay him back, but when they woke up around 10 a.m. the argument continued.

Throughout the entire time, there was a witness who drank alcohol with Wilson when Reese arrived. The same witness, according to the complaint, said that Reese choked Wilson, so they took the children outside the apartment. The witness says that shortly after that a gunshot was heard and Reese was seen running down the stairs with blood on his hand and shirt. The witness called the police, but Reese ran away before they got to the place of murder, according to the police.

Police managed to speak to Reese over the phone, and he said to them “We were struggling over the gun and it accidentally went off and I ran.”

Wilson was shot to the head, and died instantly, according to the police statement.

With their mother dead, Wilson’s children, all under 13 years of age, are left without parents to take care of them.

Reese’s preliminary hearing will take place on November the 20th, and according to online court records, he still hasn’t hired an attorney.