NYC’s Best Beer Gardens

NYC’s Best Beer Gardens


In the past ten years, NYC has become a city of many great beer gardens where people love spending their time and tasting great beers. Several of these are located in Brooklyn and recently many new ones have opened. From amazing German, to equally tasty local beers, you can drink them for hours in the pleasant and fun ambient of these beer gardens.

Whether you live in NYC or you’re just visiting, don’t forget to stop by at at least one of these great places!

1. Greenwood Park

Greenwood Park is one if the best beer gardens in Brooklyn, where, besides hanging out with friends, or people that you just met there, you can also play some bocce ball and have a great time. This beer garden was transformed from an old gas station and mechanic shop and it has enough types of beer to satisfy the taste and appetite of even the most serious beer lovers. Once in a month, you can also bring your own music (but it has to be a record) and play it.

2. Radegast Hall

Another beer garden in Brooklyn where the parties are not limited to weekends – every night is party night. One mistake you can make when going to Radegast Hall is eating before you get there, because they have what may be the most amazing German food in Brooklyn (and dare we say in NYC?), with great specialties such as spaetzle and veal schnitzel. You can feel the spirit of Germany inside this beer garden and even if you live in NY, you will feel like you have gone far away from America to experience something new. At Radegast Hall, you won’t be able to play your own tunes, as they play exclusively live jazz.


3. Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden

This beer garden in Astoria, NY is an original Czech beer garden which has been open since 1910. The place welcomes big groups as there are many wide wooden tables with benches, ideal for gatherings of large groups of people. As you are probably aware, Czech beers are one of the world’s best beers and their sausages – uniquely tasty. But if you’re not in the mood for that, you can also order local beers and enjoy the atmosphere in this friendly place. The beer garden is always open, so whenever you choose to go, you will be given a friendly welcome.

4. The Garden at Studio Square NYC

This is one of the largest beer gardens in NYC, with 30 thousand square feet of garden (or outdoor space to enjoy great beers, company and food). It is commonly referred to as a beer city rather than a beer garden because of its size. The beers served here are mostly American and German, but there are many brands you can choose from. And when hunger strikes, there are fantastic burgers and many other dishes that go great with their beers for your complete pleasure.

5. Andaz Wall Street

While you’re sitting with your friends and enjoying great German beers in the middle of the day, umbrellas will protect you from the sun. No sun or rain can prevent you from spending some quality time with your beer – oops! – people you care about. At Andaz Wall Street one of the food specialties you should try (and it’s no more than $5) is the Hudson Valley duck-and-fennel sausage. This is definitely something not to miss.