Oklahoma State Senate Passes Bill That Allows Guns on School Property

Oklahoma State Senate Passes Bill That Allows Guns on School Property


This May, in Oklahoma City, guns have been allowed on school property.

The bill that allowed this was approved by state Senate and Governor Mary Fallin. From now on, school districts in Oklahoma will be able to decide which school employees will be allowed to carry guns.

Now, besides school resource officers and guards who already carried guns, teachers and other members of school staff chosen by school boards will be able to carry guns and bring them to school property.

Many are shocked and wondering why would anyone allow teachers and other staff members to carry guns to school, when there are trained officers and guards whose job is to protect everyone on school property, and they are trained to handle guns properly and keep them safe from getting into the wrong hands, while keeping everyone on school grounds safe as well.

Giving guns to teachers could put them and the students in great danger.

However, one of the reasons why this bill may be a good thing is that sometimes in rural areas there are such attacks and chaos that safeguards are not able to prevent them immediately. There, teachers who carry arms would not be unprotected and they would be able to protect their students, too. But to be allowed to carry guns to school, the staff members would have to go through proper training to learn how to use them, and how to stay safe and not put people around them in danger.


One of the major concerns is that teachers whose job isn’t to handle guns won’t be able to keep their guns from getting into the wrong hands, or that they will use them when no use of guns is needed.

Hopefully, the teachers who get chosen to be the ones carrying arms will be properly trained and become well prepared armed security guards or reserve peace officers (besides being teachers). The training should be paid by school districts, and after the training period and a confirmation that the teachers are capable to use the guns well, and that they are mentally and physically ready for it, they would be allowed to carry handguns on school property.

Some say that this way teachers and students will be protected, while others strongly disagree with this.

Namely, carrying guns on campus can be really dangerous and put many people in danger. However, not anyone will be given a gun, and the board will hopefully choose wisely.

When it comes to opinions, parents are divided on this matter.

A parent, Sharon Pullen, believes that it is dangerous, and nobody should be able to carry a gun on school property unless they are a police officer on duty. On the other hand, Denika Givens, another parent, thinks that the idea is great, and that there should be at least one teacher who carries a gun, so that he could “save the day” if necessary.

The fact is that this law will certainly be beneficial for those communities that don’t have a police force guarding school property. When teachers have guns, they are able to protect themselves and their students if a perpetrator comes with deadly intent, as state Rep. Coody said.

Whether you agree or not, there isn’t much to do about this – the bill has already been passed, and it is just a matter of time when teachers and other school staff members will come to school with guns sticking out.