The Downright Worst U.S. Towns to Live in

The Downright Worst U.S. Towns to Live in


The U.S. has some great cities to live in, but there are also some that are pretty bad. But how to determine which cities are the worst? Those are the cities with bad economies, bad school systems, low employment rates or low salaries, and cities that are generally in a bad situation.

Some of these cities have affordable housing, but this is primarily because people want to sell their homes as quickly as possible and move away from there. This is especially the case in cities with high crime rates. The cities that follow have all or most of the mentioned problems and can be said to be the worst cities in the U.S. to live in.

1. Detroit, Michigan

With the population of 721,459, this city has the seventh highest crime rate in the entire U.S. On the other hand, you can buy a home in Detroit for less money than you would pay in any other American city, so moving there could sound appealing, but don’t be fooled. Houses maybe are inexpensive, but if you move there you will have great difficulty finding a job that will pay your bills and food, as the unemployment rates in Detroit are the worst in the nation (14.5%) and more than twice as high as the national average.


On the bright side, the public school system could be said to be pretty good, as there are enough teachers, and a lot of money is invested in education. Children are given a great opportunity to get good education, but there aren’t many of those who are interested. This may be because their parents are spending most of their time trying to make ends meet, so they don’t have much of it to spend with their children and encourage their progress.

2. Chattanooga, Tennessee

In this city has a population of 167,869 people, not many of them live below the poverty line, but almost all don’t have any money to spare and are working more than one jobs to make a living. Maybe this difficult financial situation is partially to blame for this city having the 29th worst crime rate in the U.S. Besides the crime, the education system is very bad, as schools are underfunded and the quality of education is quite low. The fact that home prices are among the lowest in the U.S. tells us that people are looking to sell their homes and move on to a better place, as quickly as possible.

3. Memphis, Tennessee         

The largest city in Tennessee is also one of the worst places in the U.S. to live in. Although homes are cheap, this is an undesirable location, particularly as the crime rate is the fourth worst in the U.S., which makes this the fourth most dangerous place in the country. Moreover, the economy in Memphis is in a really bad state, meaning that the unemployment rates are very high and people are struggling to earn some money to feed themselves and their families.

4. Springfield, Missouri

Springfield is the city where school spending is the twenty-fifth lowest in the country, which means that schools are underfunded and the education system is on the verge of falling apart. As with other mentioned cities, homes are pretty inexpensive in this city, but unemployment rates are high, and even those who have permanent jobs don’t earn good salaries. Crime rate in this city is the third worst in the U.S. and while the murder rates aren’t nearly as high as in Detroit, there is 1 in 11 chance of being a robbery victim every year. This means that people who’ve been living in this city for years have probably been robbed more than once.